Monday, February 1, 2016

Matt Bailey on Cherry-Picking Libertarianism

The quibcag does indeed say it all. When I browse around the net to see what self-described libertarians are talking about, it seems that they spend a tremendous amount of time defending their most undefendable position: open borders. Just about all other libertarian notions are either clearly correct or at least arguable. Gun ownership, private education, even drug legalization, all have very strong arguments in their favor.

But open borders has no defense, other than a bogus 'consistency' with the libertarian NAP principle, which can be twisted around to assert that not allowing people to enter your country is some kind of violence initiated against them. Clearly nonsense, because the same claim can be made against your not allowing people to trespass on your privately-owned land. If national borders are 'imaginary,' so are the borders of your private property.

The libertarian open borders principle is strangely similar to, nay, identical to the liberal/progressive/neocon open borders principle. It's just that the arguments are skewed differently. The liberal/progressive position is practically the same as the libertarian one. The libertarians say that borders are imaginary. The liberals just say that Western borders are imaginary, and that the detritus of the planet all have the right to move into any country at all and sign up for bennies. It's just that they seem to want to move into civilized countries where the freebies are.

As for the neoons, they argue the same thing, but add to it the myth that it's good for the economy to move a bunch of cheap labor in. Of course, it's good for the fat cats to get cheap labor, but the very act drives the price of all labor down, meaning you and me, and so the prosperity is for the big shots, while the middle class collapses just a little.

But from a realistic, sane point of view, we need those borders and those policies that make us prosperous and relatively self-sufficient.  Open borders are good for only the super rich and the lumpenproletariat. They're the death of the middle class.
Quibcag: Illustrated, for no discernible reason, by Lum of Urusei Yatsura (うる星やつら).


  1. If your theory demands the suicide of your nation, then you need to reexamine your theory.


  3. Not all libertarians are for open borders. Look up Vin Suprynowicz sometime.