Monday, February 8, 2016

Libertarianism as Utopia

One of the things that first attracted me to libertarianism is its assertion that there are no utopias. Now, that's inspiring to hear, because so many of the prevailing political philosophies, from Marxism to liberalism to neoconservatism promise just that — Utopia. And one thing that seems to be at least implied in all these utopian schemes is that all that is needed is one little tweak, i. e, a change in human nature.

That puts one off Marxism and its little sisters, liberalism and neoconservatism, right away, because one thing that sensible people know is that you can't change human nature. It's hard-wired. The best you can hope for is to get people so afraid of you that they'll pretend that their nature has changed.

But as libertarianism has developed, with its dorky NAP/ZAP [link] and all, it, too, seems to call for a utopia with some tacit but real change in human nature required. No, no, they assure us, no change is necessary. All we need to do is listen to them, and we'll realize that what our nature really calls for is the non-aggression principle, and utopia will follow.  Nope. the NAP is something that civilized people agree to among themselves, at best, and is certainly not something you assume people will adhere to by nature.  Because they damn well won't. The idea of a free society is something that developed, over centuries, in Western Civilization, and is barely hanging on there by a thread.  This isn't because we in the West have a different intrinsic nature, but because we're more developed by history and therefore are capable of functioning in a stable free society. That is not true at all for the majority of the human race.

But the dominant libertarian philosophy is the silly version, that either thinks you can change human nature by yapping at people, or that you don't have to change it at all, because everybody is just naturally libertarian and will realize it when they hear the right Zen koan.

Not so. Not even for all Westerners, and certainly not for virtually all nonWesterners. I've prepared the quibcag above for all of you to upload to any and all discussions/arguments you find where the 'open borders' ethno-suicidal libertarians are holding forth.
Quibcag: Illustrated appropriately enough by Isis-chan [link].

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