Friday, February 5, 2016

Is the Country Ready for a Ricky Ricardo Jr. Presidency?

I'm not. One of my liberal friends was denouncing Rubio with the usual 'fascist hater' rhetoric, and it occurred to me that the boy is indeed very Obama-like. No experience. Ethnic without any of the usual downsides (clean and well-spoken, as Joe Biden might put it), infinitely adapatable, and completely in the pocket of his donors and handlers.

And yes, he was in the 'gang of eight' which tried to shove universal amnesty down our throats. The American people don't want amnesty for illegals. We also, despite our knee-jerk charitable impulses, don't really want a few million nihilistic 'refugees' from the Middle East mess moving in to rape and murder. Rubio's donors, and the elite that runs both political parties, do want these things, and if we end up with Rubio vs. Hillary and/or Bernie, that's what we'll get.

The only conceivable way we're going to end mass immigration from everywhere is to elect Trump. Love him or hate him, he's the only one who's even hinted that he wants a sane immigration policy. This is from TakiMag [link]:

On Groundhog Day: Conservatism Inc. Thinks It Can Move On with Marco Rubio—But It Can’t
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Quibcag: The working class girl is Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist  鋼の錬金術師, Hagane no Renkinjutsushi)

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  1. If the GOPe Dopers can just exile the Libertarians, the Conservatives on social issues, Christian zealots and White nationalists, then Lincoln's Party can finally be like Lincoln. D E A D