Thursday, February 11, 2016

Conservatism Has Lost All Meaning

"Conservative" used to mean more or less what "libertarianism" used to mean. It was first of all an American patriotic position, that implicitly included the basic freedom-oriented American ideology that was expressed by the Founding Fathers. By this time, libertarian, in popular parlance, has come to mean a sort of hippie-anarchism that considers self-indulgence the highest value. And conservatism is even worse, if anything. It now means empire-building abroad, a concern for the welfare of all nations but the United States, and a watered-down liberalism about any and all domestic policy. And, of course, inviting massive immigration from all over the world, the more incompatible the better. The Founding Fathers have been forgotten, and the new 'conservative' icons are FDR, Martin Luther King, and Bibi Netanyahu.

So the conservatism of Calvin Coolidge and Bob Taft and Grover Cleveland is dead, replaced by the neoconservatism of the Bush bunch, the Kristol family, and Fox News. Barely distinguishable from liberalism. Indeed, it's best understood as a faction of liberalism.

This, from The Right Stuff [link]:

The Death of Conservatism, Inc.

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