Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Sober Look at Trump by Gregory Hood

People keep telling me that Trump can't be trusted, as though all the other candidates can be trusted. They also tell me that he's not a real conservative, but, again, all the other candidates hardly fit my definition of conservative. Trump's own definition sounds pretty good to me.  They tell me that he can't possible keep his promises, while it's assumed that all the other candidates can keep their promises just fine. And they tell me that his negatives are to high and he can't possibly be elected. I remember back when Reagan's negatives were too high and he couldn't possibly be elected, and he won in a landslide. And now I hear that there's a PAC that isn't pro anybody, but is just anti-Trump. Anything to stop him.

I think it's simple. I think the swine who run the Republican party are just about identical to the swine who run the Democratic party, and what they want is compliant candidates on both sides who will not upset the applecart, but keep government growing, immigrants coming, war proliferating, and Wall Street making more and more money.

And Gregory Hood says this, over at Counter-Currents [link]:

The Last American

Quibcag:I found the girls on the net here [link].

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