Friday, January 15, 2016

White Interests, Of All Things

One of the worst accusations the MAG (Media, Academia, Government) can make about a person or group is that the accused is concerned about White interests. It's a tremendous compliment, of course, if a person or group is said to be concerned about Black interests, or tranny interests, or Kenyan interests, but being concerned about White interests is about the most horrible thing the MAG can imagine.

So of course everybody does everything they can to avoid the accusation. Political parties, of course, are at the forefront of denying that they care at all about White people or their interests, and that's one claim they make that you can believe.

When Martin O'Malley made a faux pas and asserted that White lives matter, his audience immediately played their egalitarianism card and got him to reverse himself and declare that no, White lives actually don't matter, only Black or other minority lives do. All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others, and if you don't recognize the reference, your education is lacking.

Only one candidate has gotten off the reservation in this respect, and has gone so far as to assert that the security of the American people is more important than the desires of Muslims who want to immigrate here, which is of course a dogwhistle, the left will tell you, for saying White people have importance.

The MAG quickly denounced him for his sentiments, as did all his opponents, to one degree or another, and the M part of the MAG has declared over and over again that such distasteful pro-White proposals like that will end Trump's campaign, because as Obama and all his Republican imitators have declared, 'That's not who we are.' Who we are, according to them, is a nation of self-hating White people who can't wait to turn our country over to the most repugnant of Third Worlders, and who are eager to vote for politicians who pledge to do just that.

Well, except for the nonWhite immigrants already here, and various flaky hipsters of liberal, neocon, or libertarian persuasion, most of us don't want the dregs of humanity pouring in, and we therefore support Trump. If we care about the country, we support Trump, and the trivialities the politicians are obsessed with come in a distant second to our nationalism.

Here's what Ilana Mercer wrote at the Unz Review [link]:

Trump’s Invisible, Poor White Army’s Waiting on the Ropes
BTW, it's worthwhile to go to the original and read the comments here:
Quibcag: Standing in for the backbone of the US military are the girls from Girls und Panzer (ガールズ&パンツァーGāruzu ando Pantsā)


  1. How many of the independents have gone independent because neither party comes up with candidates nor issues they desire to vote for? In politics now, "conservatives" don't conserve and "liberals" fear liberty.

  2. The Race Card is overdrawn. Negro fatigue is becoming, HELL NO! No more handouts, no more guilt, no more niggers being kilt; we don't care about racism no more bitch. Those fuckers are nothing here, their nothing back there in Africa and they haven't made it anywhere else either. Racism is the crime of noticing Whites are better than you. So shut it.