Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sam Francis yet again!

Talk about a revival. Yes, it's time for Sam Francis to come into his own. Previous blog post here [link]. We seem to be witnessing a realignment. I hope so. There have been several such realignments with the parties in American history. The last really profound one, in my opinion, was Nixon's appeal to the 'silent majority,' many of whom were the small businessmen and lunchbox toters, traditionally Democrats, who later became known as the 'Reagan Democrats' when Ronald Reagan revived and fine-tuned the new coalition that Nixon had begun, also mixing in the former George Wallace supporters.

And now we're witnessing a new such realignment, maybe of pretty much the same sort of people, but the issues driving it all have changed somewhat. All the old issues are still there, but now we have immigration, which was hardly a blip back in 1968, though the die had been cast by Lyndon Johnson, which has led to the mass immigraton mess we have now. Prior to Johnson's destruction of the immigration law which had served us well for 40 years, there had been virtually no immigration by today's standards, and both parties, for the most part, were happy with America being for Americans, and not for the dregs of mankind.

The Democrats are, of course, virtually explicit in their demand that Americans step back and kowtow to the foreign invasion, giving priority to the other over themselves, giving them welfare and affirmative action and first place in everything. The Republicans are hardly less so, with their faux Ellis Island rewriting of history to imply that we were nothing until we were enriched by alien intruders, the more alien and nonAmerican and nonWestern and nonWhite the better.

This, from the Unz Review [link]

Donald Trump, Sam Francis and the Emergence of the Alternative (“Dissident”) Right
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Quibcag: The behavior of the 'conservative leaders' described in the quote seems rather piratical, so the illustration is Kato Marika of Bodacious Space Pirates (モーレツ宇宙海賊パイレーツ Mōretsu Pairētsu)


  1. Trump is a populist and a nationalist who appeals to people's emotions. If anyone had asked them this ten years ago I could have told them. But if they didn't listen to Francis why would they listen to a nobody like me?

  2. For a number of election cycles I have voted third party as it seemed to be the only choice that didn't require me to wash with a scouring pad after leaving the polls. Most of my friends simply stayed home. This could be a very interesting election