Thursday, January 28, 2016

Richard Spencer on the Meaning of Trump

There are a lot of ways to describe the Trump phenomenon. I've been saying that Trump has positioned himself as a nationalist, while all the others are globalists to one degree or another. Another way to look at it is that Trump has taking the stance that the preservation of the United States as a sovereign nation is more important that all other issues. And that's true, too. All the others, Republican and Democrat, are nattering about 'principles' of one sort or another, and ignoring the main issue of our continued existence as a nation and a people. Whether we balance the budget or not doesn't matter a damn if we turn into a Brazil. And all the things that people like me believe in, like the Bill of Rights and our traditions of freedom will vanish like the morning mist when we move enough Third Worlders in to vote them all out of existence.

Wall Street owns all the other leading candidates, and any that they don't will be bought up if they rise high enough to be nominated. Yes, they'll co-opt Bernie, too, and he'll decide to leave the fat cats alone and finance his socialist superstate by taxing the middle class out of existence.

And every damn one of them plan to bring in millions of immigrants from the Third World, and to lecture the rest of us about "tolerance" and slowly make our expressions of discontent illegal.

Here's Richard Spencer on the Trump Phenomenon.

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