Friday, January 8, 2016

Potpourri of Crazy

The crazy won't go away. I just heard some talking head refer to Trump's plan to halt Muslim immigration as "ludicrous." Now, it's valid to argue against the plan, but calling it "ludicrous"? By that measure, the immigration policies of the vast majority of the world's countries are "ludicrous." Elsewhere, in Philadelphia, the Mayor assures us that the guy who shot a cop "in the name of Islam" has nothing to do with Islam. On the net, some self-described "libertarian" assured me that the rapes and assaults in Germany by immigrants are "rare," so I guess they're nothing we should consider when deciding on immigration policy. This was in the course of a discussion where the flaky libertarians (certainly the majority faction on the net, at least) kept up the chant that nationalism is evil and borders are imaginary. When informed that the choice is between nationalism and globalism, most of the crowd didn't reply or said something about how, somehow, that just wouldn't happen.

And people keep telling me that Trump is a phony or untrustworthy or something. Well, duh, most all politicians can be described that way, and if anything, Trump is less likely to be so than the rest of the candidates. The choice seems to be between Trump, an immigration restrictionist who might be kidding, and a squad of immigration advocates, who aren't kidding, except when they deny it.

Oh, the quibcag comes from a comment on the Had Enough Therapy blog [link]. Well said. Yes, all the other issues pale in contrast to the question of whether we allow the country to be swamped by millions of incompatible immigrants, or we don't.
Quibcag: I found the illustration on the net.

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