Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Is Trump Conservative Enough?

That's a question that's been shouted out lately, by Cruz and others. Conservative enough for what? Enough to be nominated? Enough to win? And, for that matter, what exactly do the questioners mean by 'conservative'? If we take the establishment Republican candidates as defining 'conservative,' we end up with a hodgepodge. About the ontly thing they mostly agree on is that we should do even more to destabilize the Middle East, this time by overthrowing Assad in Syria. God knows that our assistance in overthrowing Hussein and Quadafi and Mubarak certainly had peachy consequences.
By me, being an old coot with a sense of history, 'conservative' doesn't signify sticking our nose into every place on Earth and stirring up trouble. That has a more liberal feeling for me. Oddly, Trump seems to disagree with that policy, so that makes him not conservative. Well, by me, the opposite is true. And it should be for you, too. Another thing they all seem to agree on, these Republicans, is that we need millions and millions of useless Third Worlders to immigrate. That is, that's what their records indicate, whatever they're saying now. Would they be saying anything at all  about immigration if Trump hadn't brought it up? I think not.

My question is, is Trump nationalist enough? And compared to all the others, he certainly is. You see, the American people aren't especially conservative in the sense Cruz and the others are, nor are they liberal or libertarian. What they are is nationalist, and they are drawn to candidates who are also nationalist. All the other candidates, except to some extent Paul, are globalists or internationalists, not nationalists.

Unless he's totally fooling us all, Trump is a nationalist. He cares more about the American people than he does about people who want to move here. He cares more about Christians than he does about Muslims. He cares more about the American economy than he does about the Chinese or Ugandan or Brazilian economy. Never mind the Democrats. They clearly hate America and the American people and want to continue the Obama policy of weakening us and replacing us with immigrants. That's clear ot anybody who pays attention.

What's more difficult is to see that the same is effectively true about the other Republicans. They all lecture us on how we have to be tolerant, which means, we have to step back and let immigrants and Black Lives Matter and homosexual activists, etc., take over. That is the existential issue. Do we remain a country, like Trump says we should, or do we opt for a self-destructive 'exceptionalism,' and give up on our own existence in exchange for a politically correct policy of kowtowing to the rest of the world?

For many years now, we've been rejecting our own nationhood, while more sane nations have been taking care of themselves and their own people. It's time we did likewise. So the only way to do that is to go with Trump. Obviously.

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