Thursday, January 14, 2016

Immigration Fools And/Or Traitors

Liberals are for open borders because they hate America, simple as that. Neocons are for open borders because they don't give a damn one way or the other about America, but want lots of cheap labor to hold wages down. Libertarians (most self-identified libertarians, at least) are for open borders because of nonsensical ideological sophistry, or because they're actually liberals or neocons at heart, or because they're so immersed in poiltical correctness/cultural marxism that they don't even realize it.

Right now, there's a Trump insurgency in the Republican party that is against open borders, just like ordinary Americans are. And, of course, a lot of Democrats are ordinary Americans and therefore don't want the country turned over to foreigners, and they will therefore most likely be voting for Trump.

But the established Republican 'leaders,' along with their counterparts among Democrats and Libertarians, are having massive hissy-fits about Trump, denouncing him in shrill terms, the latest manifestation of that being their designating Sikh Nikki Haley to give the Republican 'response' Obama State of the Union speech, which basically consisted of her agreeing with Obama about immigration and scolding us Americans for being 'intolerant.' With 'conservatives' like her, we don't need any liberals.

And here's why the 'elite' is so afraid of Trump, from the Unz Review [link].

The Empire (a.k.a. the Demopublican Elite) Strikes Back
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Quibcag: This was a tough one to illustrate, so I ended up selecting the girls from Girls und Panzer (ガールズ&パンツァーGāruzu ando Pantsā), so I could say that it's hard to tell the difference between traitors and fools, because they dress alike, as do the girls from Girls und Panzer. Weak, I know. But they are cute.

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  1. Most of these brown peons are just here for free shit or jobs. When it dries up, they're not planning to stay. There is going to be a Civil War soon, and these welfare tourists and people looking for a better life have someplace better to go than fight for the dummies like Bush or Clinton. They've got nothing. Both the police and military have had enough of the BS about "civil rights" and minorities. The Government is getting close to broke and they have no one on their side anymore. Martial Law would have been sprung already if they could do it. They can't.