Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bob Wallace on the Joys of Multiculturalism

Inevitably, I find myself saying the same thing over and over on this blog, searching for the magic bullet that will make people understand the reality of things. Of course, I look for better, or at least different, ways of saying these things, to make as many people as possible understand them. Of course, the reason it's so hard to make certain principles understood is that the MAG (Media, Academia, Government) is working overtime to deny said priinciples, using every dishonest method available to them from sophistry to flat-out bullying and name-calling.

"Multiculturalism" is usually defined as he idea that different cultures can live side by side without conflict, each contributing its own strengths and insights to the society. This is usually accompanied by the nutty idea that all cultures are equally worthy of respect, for which there is zero evidence and heaps of evidence to the contrary.

But effectively, what "multiculturalism" actually turns out to be is the suppression of Western Culture and the forced acceptance of whatever hideous Third World culture is currently trendy. Right now, in the West, the flavor of the month is Islam, which we are required to give all kinds of respect to, no matter what kind of behavior it leads to.

But, as Matt Bailey said the other day, there's more to multiculturalism than exotic foods and funny accents [link]. Indeed, those cute phenomena are the least of it. Different cultures are sometimes breathtakingly different, and are completely incompatible with Western values. And this includes the values of our liberal friends, who are oh, so quick to point out the minor injustices in Western thinking, while ignoring the 800-pound gorilla-type stomach-turning folkways of the immigrants they insist on welcoming to our shores.

People who actually deal with such immigrants see it otherwise. This is from Bob Wallace's site [link]:

I Have Seen Nothing But Trouble from "Multiculturalism"

I used to live in an area that "multicultural" in a minor way, yet I saw nothing but trouble from non-European immigrants.

I drove a taxi for five years and knew quite a few Nigerians (even the American black drivers didn't like them). I have neve seen a Nigerian who wasn't a liar, a thief and a sexual harasser of women. Some of the drivers were arrested for stealing money from ATMs. I'm don't know how this works, but they were using binoculars to steal people's PINs at ATM machines.

I once had a Nigerian woman ask me to walk her by a swimming pool with her because there was a black cat sitting by the pool. She was terrified of it. What did she think it was, a were-cat who was going to attack her?

By the way I one got into an argument with a Nigerian and told him to get out of my country. He said, "Where are you from?" to which I responded, "I'm from here, kaffir, something you're not and never will be. The white man invented everything in the world, you destroy everything you touch, and pieces of shit like you follow us around like a dog begging for our scraps." Then I threw a penny at his feet and said, "There's your scraps, kaffir." He did nothing except to tell someone else that "he had no right to say that."

Then there was the Palestinian mother and father who murdered their own daughter (whom he called "a whore"), who was unattractive and because of this dated black guys in high school. Turned out they lived two blocks from me, and I heard the taped murder on the radio because the FBI had bugged their apartment since the father was supporting Palestinian terrorists.

The mother held the daughter as the father stabbed her to death. "Die, my daughter, die, die." There was shrieking throughout the whole attack. It was done for "honor" because the daughter had "shamed" them. Other Palestinians in the area supported them.

By the way, the way Third Worlders treat their women is brutal. And yet some women in America have hallucinations about a non-existent college-boy "rape culture." Go to the Third World, sweetheart, where babies are routinely molested and raped - and sometimes die from it, which to the murderers is no big deal (one Mexican was caught screwing his dog and said, "It's my dog").

You want to see rape culture? Try Muslims and Mexicans.

I once saw a middle-aged man, clearly from Southeastern Europe, strutting down the street with his head in the air, smoking a cigarette while his sack-headed wife was bent double, scurrying several feet behind him, carrying heavy packages on her back.

I once encountered a disgustingly ugly Muslim woman, her tiny head encased in a bag, who fled when I walked my dog by her. Muslims see dogs as unclean. But to the point she fled from a goofy 14-pound pug?

Once time some Roma (gypsies) invaded the ER where my mother worked and the police were there in two minutes, because the gypsies were trying to steal everything, which is where the word "gypped" came from.

There was a Vietnamese neighborhood several blocks from me. One day, after suffering attacks on their scrawny asses many times by American blacks, they up and moved many blocks south. The whole neighborhod. Dozens of them. It was on the news and in the newspapers.

Then there was the Serbian man murdered by being bashed in the head with a hammer. While innocently walking down the street. That was about three blocks from me.

Speaking of Serbians, two of them ran a red light and crashed into my car and another man's car. The driver, a man, and his passenger, a woman, told the police the light was green. I called both of them liars to their faces. The cop didn't believe them and the immigrant's insurance had to pay me and the other man.

Somehow or another the speakers on my computer picked up a police raid about four blocks from me as they were raiding a mosque apparently supporting terrorism. To this day I have no idea how it happened that I picked up this raid, but I just sat there and listened to this raid for half an hour, which happened early in the morning right before sunrise. I should have taped it and put it on YouTube, although I don't think YouTube existed at that time, since I listened to this raid a few months after 9-11.

One of the most bizarre immigrants I met was a Russian Jew who was for open borders (for America, not Israel), who was a leftist and an atheist (the two go together), anti-gun, vegetarian, a drug addict, a sexual pervert, a liar, a coward, and a thief. He came this close to being deported after being arrested for selling drugs, public intoxication and resisting arrest (he spent three months in county and claimed he was "tortured" there) - after which he became an American citizen, after being in this country for 40 years. Too bad. He should have been deported.

Muslims, Vietnamese, Hmong, Mexicans, Nigerians, Somalians, Russians, Serbians...nothing but trouble. Lying, stealing, baby and child molestation and rape, drunken driving, murder, selling drugs, gang rapes, animal sacrifices, prostitution, pimping, rampant diseases returning that Americans had eradicted decades ago, bulging prisons, lifetimes on welfare (the crackpots, in their delusions, say if we didn't have welfare we'd only get good immigrants. Sure. Also tell me when Elvis is going to return.)

I could go on and on and on, but it's the same stories over and over.

What I've written about is one-quarter of what I've experienced. Now multiply it by ten thousand times - that's "multiculturalism," which the Mainstream Media never writes about except as a good thing.

These people have alien mentalities and will never be American. Neither will their children. Most have genetic problems leading to appallingly low IQs and a propensity to horrendous crimes - and culture is in many ways an expression of those genetics.

Those who support the importation of more of these people are demented, including those naive libertarians (who in reality are leftists) who are in their delusions supporting Big Corporations who want to flood the country with the inferior to drive down wages and increase their profits, no matter how much crime these people bring.

The people who support the importation of these Third Worlders have no experience in life and have never dealt with these criminals and parasites, as I have.


  1. First, I don’t think the people who push multiculturalism actually want it, they just want to use it as a tool to attack Western Culture

    Second, if they actually wanted multiculturalism they would not be doing what they are doing. Individuals cannot sustain a culture, it requires groups to do that and groups need barriers to keep their cultures intact.
    Shoving atomized people together destroys cultures. Instead of many unique individual cultures you end up with a single homogenized one with the lowest common denominators.

    You can see the kind of culture you end up at a Mall Food Court where the food only keeps some of the names and very little of the unique ingredients and tastes of the original cultures it pretends to copy. Or you can travel around the world and stay in what is essentially the same room, with same decor, furnishings, sounds and smells. Looking out your hotel room you will often see the same architecture, restaurants, shops, signs etc

    Multiculturalism and its big brother Globalizm are the graveyard of cultures

  2. My country was my home. Now its a hotel. And they want me to be a waiter. NO.


    That is the crime. It is White Genocide. It is state violence. Politicians past and present must be held accountable. 'Just obeying orders' is not an excuse.

    The West including America is a culture created by a specific people and it will be destroyed if that people is dispossessed. Europeans everywhere have the self-evident right to secure their homelands for themselves, without regard to the claims others make upon it.

  3. you really think that you're not a bigot, or is this entire website a troll?

    1. Why are you such a bigot against the writers of this website?

      Stop being a hater.

    2. Your envy and feelings of humiliation are eating you alive.

    3. Guys ... The above Anonymous is anonymous for good reason.

      Most anonymous posts to my own blog usually get deleted. If they don't have the guts to ID themselves then their posts (And they.) aren't worthy of attention.

      Don't feed the troll.

    1) it provides cheap unearned status signals for a lot of people who would otherwise be daily confronted by their low status. (disinformation but I suppose ok)
    2) It provides the female reproductive strategy with intuitionistic allies against alphas. (women may like it because it increases the herd but it's a bad thing)
    3) It provides numbers to the peasants who would steal and the priests (state) that encourages them. (very bad under democracy)
    4) It drives up housing prices and demand for credit and consumption (this is the only material benefit) that would otherwise not exist. (economists think its good, taxmen think its good, otherwise it's disastrously inflationary and distorts out entire information system)
    5) It misdirects effort and capital into consumption rather than to increases in productivity (which in the long term is a bad thing)
    6) It consumes accumulated normative capital. (very bad)
    7) If from the lower classes it decreases genetic (human) capital, and in some cases (France) reverses the all benefits of teaching science and literacy.
    8) It creates competition for privilege in government. (very bad)
    9) it increase conflict and therefore demand for government. (very bad)
    10) A lot of people like being directed by government and having someone else to do the policing, rather than doing it themselves. (to each his own but not at others cost)

    I could continue this list, easily to 100 items. But you get the point.

    We spent thousands of years culling our herd through various means of genetic pacification And in order to pay people to retire early and support single mothers we have burned millennia of eugenic investment that made our high trust civilization possible.