Thursday, December 3, 2015

The San Bernardino Shootings

Remember when the news media and FDR were so puzzled about the motivation of the Japanese pilots who bombed Pearl Harbor? Me neither. The big yammer on the news this morning is whether this was workplace violence or terrorism, which is about the most pointless possible aspect of this to be concerned about. And the number two thing that seems to be of overwhelming importance is the gun control issue.

Motivation is of course both irrelevant and obvious. It's a basic antagonism that a cultural Muslim is bound to have towards Westerners, infinitely exacerbated by his being in the West. It doesn't matter, really, whether he's an ideological Muslim or just somebody who hates Westerners and wanted to kill some. The point is that he should never have been here in the first place.

Really. One of the reasons we have different kinds of countries is that we have different kinds of people. This country is an ideal place for White cultural Christians of European descent to live, because its culture and institutions were designed by and for such people. Most countries weren't designed, of course, but just grew, like France or Japan or Lithuania, but it comes to the same thing, because they grew under the administration and guidance, for the most part, of people who were French, Japanese, and Lithuanian. One other country deliberately designed for a people is Israel, which was made by and for Jews. And, interestingly, it only allows Jews to immigrate. Maybe we could learn something from that example.

And it's not, of course, a matter of 'hate,' or 'hostility.' An Israeli will tell you that he has noting against Chinese or Mormons or Ethiopians, but that they have countries to live in that are more appropriate for them, and that their presence in Israel would be bad for both. And all this can be said, for the most part, without howls of 'bigotry' from the American MAG (Media, Academia, Government).

But you can't use such logic about immigration to the US without all kinds of such vilification. But I'll say it anyway. Let's be explicit about it:

The best place for Muslims is Muslim countries. There are a lot of them. Obama's from two or three of them himself, so he ought to know. The US is a Western country, culturally Christian, and is not at all appropriate for Muslims. We don't need any. We shouldn't accept any. If we didn't, a lot of people would be alive today who aren't.

Any politician who denies all this is either a fool or a liar or a traitor.
Today's quibcag is illustrated by Haibara Ai, of Detective Conan, AKA Meitantei Conan (名探偵コナン).

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  1. "The San Bernardino Bloodbath" is a case of work place violence caused by global warming/climate change.

    So there!

    And if you believe that ...