Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I thought I'd better coin the term 'stormtrumpers' before somebody else does. Now, I'm not using it to liken Trump to Hitler, because I am, basically, a stormtrumper. Anyhow, to most voters these days, the term 'stormtrooper' calls the Star Wars guys to mind, not Hitler's street troops, so the term is a lot more positive than you might think.

In any case, we can say that 'trumpers' are Trump supporters, while 'stormtrumpers' are active Trump supporters, like me, who blog or otherwise try to drum up more support for him. So, Donald, if you're reading this, you should be the first, I think, to use the term on TV before your geeky opponents do, so you'll own it and benefit from it. And if anybody can, you can. Co-opt their term before they even think of it!

All this is inspired by my good friend Matt Bailey [link], who supplied the quibcag quote for today, and who also called my attention to what cartoonist Scott Adams has been saying on his blog. Here's a recent bit:

The biggest criticism of Trump is that his immigration plans remind people of Hitler. But what happens when you think of Trump and Putin getting together to fight ISIS? The last time Russia and the U.S. teamed up for major military action they were trying to defeat Hitler. On the 2D level of analysis, Trump’s chummy comments about Putin are a red flag. But on the 3D playing field, where Trump does best, it flips the Hitler meme into something more like getting the band back together to fight Hitler. Your brain probably won’t let you imagine Trump as fighting Hitler (along with Russia) and yet being Hitler at the same time. So while no one was watching, Trump probably solved for the Hitler meme. Watch the Trump-Hitler theme on social media start to diminish.

The more general rule of persuasion here is that you can’t stop a Hitler accusation by arguing all the reasons you are NOT Hitler. No one cares about the details because we are dealing with emotion, not reason. But you can find a bigger Hitler, and that accomplishes the same thing because the brain doesn’t allow for two simultaneous Hitlers.

I pause to inform new readers – and remind the regulars – that I do not endorse Trump or anyone else for president. All of the candidates look qualified to me. I am interested in Trump’s persuasion methods. I have never seen better.

See what I mean? Scott Adams can be shockingly insightful at times, and I recommend you head over to his blog at and scroll down and read all his stuff about Trump. And all his other stuff, too, but especially Trump.
Quibcag: The money girl is Tendo Nabiki, the Trump equivalent of  Ranma ½ (らんま½)

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