Monday, December 21, 2015

National Conservatism

I call myself a 'libertarian nationalist' so as not to be confused with the marxoid left-libertarians who deny the validity and very existence of nations, borders, and anything at all between individual and the whole damn human race — or maybe the whole Universe, for all I know.

And, reading what follows, I realized that I can certainly get along with any other kind of nationalist, because we don't have to argue about whether we should be a nation or not. We should. Below, Trump's policy is described as 'national conservatism,' as opposed to 'movement conservatism,' which is pretty much indistinguishable from liberalism in that it, too, considers the nation imaginary at best, obsolete and evil at worst.

They never say that, unless they're basement-dwelling libertarians, but the mainstream political stance of our betters who want to do all our thinking for us is not nationalist. It's internationalist, antinationalist, globalist, and, consequently, antipatriotic, inevitably.

All of the antinationalist crowd — left-libertarians, neoconservatives, liberals, etc. — are agree on a number of things. The American people are not, and should not be, a nation. We have no right to prevent billions of people from moving in and signing themselves up for freebies. Disagreeing with that is bigotry. And, since nations don't matter, it's our job to invade the world wherever we see anything going on that is wrong according to the deep thinkers. If the Afghans don't treat women the way we want them treated, invade them. If the Serbs are tough on Muslims, bomb them. You get the idea.

So now I see it this way. I'm a libertarian nationalist. All antinationalists are my enemy. But conservative nationalist are at worse my opponents, and very likely my allies. That would be true oal of liberal nationalists if there are any, But all such are my allies with regard to antinationalists. With that in mind, read this from

Whither the American Right: Cruz And “Movement Conservatism”—Or Trump And National Conservatism?

by James Kirkpatrick

It’s a sign of Conservatism Inc.’s desperation that they are turning to Ted Cruz to stop Donald Trump. With Jeb! a joke, Christie floundering, Carson cratering, and Rubio’s “momentum” looking like wishful thinking by the consultants, even “Establishment” Republicans recognize they may need Ted Cruz, the Texas Senator who has been the bête noire of Capital Hill Republicans since he entered office, to save the Party and the “Movement” from Donald Trump.But the question for patriots outside the Beltway: is it more important to save the existing “Conservative Movement”—or build a new one to save the country?

Desperation can be seen in the speed with which Conservatism Inc.’s bigwigs are moving to consolidate behind Cruz. At the heart of this effort: the Religious Right organizations, spearheaded by Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (like us, a “hate group” according to the $PLC). Perkins summoned dozens of conservative leaders to form a collective known as “The Group” to unite and marshal their support behind one candidate early in the primaries. After heavy debate, they choose Cruz over Rubio in a meeting at Northern Virginia hotel.
National Review’s Tim Alberta writes:
The impact was felt immediately on the 2016 campaign. Three prominent participants—direct-mail pioneer and longtime activist Richard Viguerie, the National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown, and The Family Leader’s Bob Vander Plaats—announced their support of Cruz within 72 hours of the meeting at the Sheraton.

Cruz is counting on evangelicals to deliver him a victory in Iowa and is even trying to sap Donald Trump’s strength in the Deep South.

Significantly, Cruz is also taking action to guard his greatest vulnerability—on immigration. He’s rallied the man calls “America’s Senator,” Jeff Sessions, to his defense.

Refuting charges Cruz had favored some kind of an Amnesty/Immigration Surge and accusations of double talk from Marco Rubio (who would know), Sessions defended Cruz at a Saturday rally in Alabama, saying the Texas Senator was with Sessions “every step of the way” when fighting the Gang of Eight bill [Defiant Jeff Sessions on ‘Gang of Eight’: ‘Every Step of the Way, Ted Cruz was on my side, by Jeff Poor, Breitbart, December 19, 2015]

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  1. Cruz would be the man to vote for, if you support big war, big business and the big government that both of those require.