Thursday, December 10, 2015

Liz Michael on Libertarianism and Islam

This is a guest post, again from Liz Michael. Actually, it's a reprint of a post of hers on Facebook, where she replies to people criticizing her stand against Muslims. She makes a lot of good points, and refutes many of the typical ditzy assertions on the subject:

Several of you are totally misunderstanding my objections to Islam and to Muslims in general.

This has nothing to do with "they are not my religion". I could give a rat's ass what totally crazy bullsh*t people believe. It's their business. Until they make it mine.

And they make it mine by declaring I should be killed, or raped, or mutilated. There is a laundry list of things for which the Muslim is commanded to kill me. And in many countries they do kill people like me. Some stupid idiots, and yes you are idiots for believing this, suggest that because they have not named me specifically by name that they have not really threatened me. Are you f*cking serious? But I have heard some stupid people suggest stupid s*it like this.

And I do have kinship with people like me. When Muslims are killing people like me, in whatever way they are like me, it is an affront to me and an offense to me. Again, some stupid idiots have suggested since it isn't specifically "me" that's being killed, that it is none of my concern. That also is the height of stupidity.

More stupid idiots have suggested that I have to take each Muslim as an "individual", and treat only the individual who commits the crime, and that I should completely ignore the "collective" which is encouraging him to commit that crime, as if that collective didn't exist. That too is stupidity.

I have heard ALL of these various proposals seriously given to me by Muslim apologists, and many more absurdities. Many of them "claiming" to be libertarians. I'm sorry, libertarianism is supposed to operate on logic, not emotion. A true libertarian would be totally and thoroughly disgusted by the totalitarianism known as Islam. A true libertarian would NOT try to make excuses for them.

I do not wish to hear these excuses any more. If you are making them, remove yourself from my presence and take it to some other unsuspecting victim.
Quibcag: Found the girl on the net. Not sure where she came from.


  1. "Libertarianism" is a philosophy for simple-minded white people.

  2. And it's too difficult for Bob to understand