Sunday, December 20, 2015

Globalism and Cultural Marxism

Recently, somebody (I think it was Paul Gottfried, but I can't affirm it) pointed out that cultural marxism isn't marxism at all. And that's true. If you read Marx, you'll see that most of what goes under the term 'cultural marxism' would have seemed downright idiotic to him, and most of it has nothing to do with economics, which is the basis of actual marxism. So why do we call it that. Here's why. Almost from the very beginning, Marx's theories were enthusiastically used as a tool to destroy Western Culture and the White race, by those who hate us, for whatever reason. Marxism was really handy for many reasons, chiefly because it provided an excuse to revolt against authority to help usher in the marxist utopia. Actually, for most of its adherents, the marxist utopia was just a pretext. The purpose was to destroy us and our culture. Some just want it gone because they hate it. Some want it gone, or twisted out of recognition, so they can take over and exercise power.

So the compendium of idiotic ideas that we usually call 'political correctness' has come to be called cultural marxism, not because it's any kind of version of marxism, but because it's being used as a civilization-destroying tool, just like marxism has been. So it's actually a cultural alternative to marxism.

And, now that most marxist thinking has been shown to be unworkable, and therefore not nearly so attractive as it used to be, the destroyers are moving over to political correctness, aka cultural marxism, to break us down. Anything that works, they'll use. Right now, they're hoping they can use Islam to do the same thing.

And as the quibcag implies, once the natural authority of Western Civilization has broken down, via cultural marxism or Islam or whatever new method they come up with, there will be no more obstacles to globalism. And globalism would be the real end of history, with a financial elite ruling over all of us with a totalitarianism that would turn the stomach of the relatively feeble totalitarians of the past.

The real right has been aware of the collaboration of Wall Street and the destroyers for decades. Meanwhile, the left keeps supporting Wall Street tools like Hillary.

Quibcag: Sera Masumi explains the globalism-cultural marxism link to Mouri Ran. Both are from
Detective Conan, AKA Meitantei Conan (名探偵コナン).

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