Monday, December 7, 2015

Bailey on Trump, Muslims, and the Clash of Civilizations.

Guest post by Matt Bailey:

Since Islamic terrorists possess neither the ability nor the desire to invade the West by formal military means, and since every single Islamic terrorist act in America and Europe has been committed by Muslims allowed by our governments to enter the West, Trump's idea to disallow Muslim immigration is a one half of a perfectly logical plan to stop Islamic terrorist acts against the West. The other half of any logical plan is to remove American and Europeans troops from any Muslim countries to which they are currently deployed. That accomplished, geography and the reality of physical distance will deny Islamic radicals significant opportunities to harm Americans or Europeans.

Quibcag: Amy of Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet (翠星のガルガンティア Suisei no Garugantia) isn't a Muslim, but she's pretty darn cute, and looks sort of Muslim in her belly dancer outfit, so she's doing the illustration.

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  1. "...geography and the reality of physical distance will deny Islamic radicals significant opportunities to harm Americans or Europeans."

    This (perhaps willfully?) ignores the fact that Islam is a decidedly militant, expansionist, and aggressive ideology presenting in the guise of a religion. The presumption that non-intercourse alone presents a robust long-term solution to Mohammedan jihad is fatuous.

    The "blowback" premise ("Don't poke the hornet's nest") is predicated on the notion that the hornets are content to remain within their nest, and will not seek to spread their progeny everywhere they can. Moreover, it assumes that said hornets do not view the very EXISTENCE of non-hornets - no matter how far away - as provocation sufficient to justify attack.

    Is "the religion of peace" - deliberately frozen in 7th-Century Arabic suras and hadiths which (by Islamic law) cannot properly be translated much less modified - susceptible to reformation akin to that experienced by Christianity during the agonizing centuries prior to the Peace of Westphalia?

    No indication of this is forthcoming. Every Muslim true believer is under SACRED OBLIGATION to undertake jihad against all unbelievers, and no matter how "moderate" of them might be (indeed, even if one of them gives some appearance of having renounced Islam in favor of another religion, like Christianity), there is no reason to conclude that, in petto, said alleged apostate is not a loyal Muslim practicing taqqiya to deceive the kaffirs and thus advance the holy war against them.

    (Indeed, were Obozo - alias "Barack Hussein Obama II" - NOT a loyal Muslim practicing taqiyya in a pretended profession of Christian faith, then as an apostate he would be automatically condemned to death anywhere and everywhere the writ of Islamic law runs. That "apology tour" he made in 2009 should've been cut short with an executioner's sword somewhere in the Sandbox, and we'd all have photographs of how the morticians had teamed up to make his corpse look natural.)

    There's no easy answer here.

    But how do you handle a hornet's nest situated where the hornets cannot be permitted access?