Friday, November 13, 2015

The Scoop on Missouri

I was talking to a casual acquaintance yesterday about the mess in Missouri, and she said something to the effect that the Black students might have a point. Now, she's clearly an intelligent person, and if she had the facts, she'd of course not think they have a point, so the only reason she could think that is the fact that the media have done their usual horrible job of reporting on anything at all that involves Blacks.

The truth of the matter is summed up in the quibcag here by Chateau Heariste [link[. I know, not really a quibcag because I couldn't find an anime illustration that fit as well as a burning American flag. We do forget that the vast majority of Black students at any college really aren't qualified to be there, but have been forced in by the courts, Affirmative Action, quota systems, etc., so of course they're going to be frustrated to be there, and will blame Whitey for their feelings.

So, if you've been relying on the media to keep you informed about Missouri, here's a helpful summary from Gavin McInnes: [link]

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  1. It certainly is helpful that these braindead Marxist pinheads brought in enough black savages to burn down their "schools". I suppose these idiots believe that when they are burned down we will have to rebuild them bigger and better for them, but what if we don't? What if we leave the Left's power base in ashes where these fools and their feral savages can eat mud? What will they do then?