Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Feminist Fantasy World

As Bob Wallace has taught us, liberals live in a groovy little fantasy world [link], and as liberals go, the most liberal-ish are the feminists, so their little fantasy world is the grooviest of them all. In their little world, women are immensely powerful, but at the same time horribly vulnerable to mini-microaggressions and are constantly being raped. You might say that's illogical, but you'd be forgetting that logic is a weapon of the patriarchy, ore whatever the grooviest phrase is this week.

One feminist delusion is that feminists like Hillary Clinton or that ditz who drags the mattress around are more capable and powerful than non-feminist women, like Elizabeth I or Savitri Devi. Some, evidently, think that instead of making Hillary's ludicrous political career possible, Bill has somehow inhibited it.  From over at Just Not Said [link], John Craig knocks another one out of the park:

What would Hillary have been without Bill?

A Gail Collins article in the Sunday Review section of today's NY Times was titled Hillary in History. About halfway through the article is the following line:

When the question of whether Hillary would have risen to presidential status if she hadn’t been married to Bill comes up, her fans tend to argue that if she hadn’t gotten married at all, she’d probably have gotten to the same place quicker on her own.

If you ever doubt how delusionary Hillary fans are, just remember that. First of all, the odds of anyone -- no matter how politically talented -- will rise to the point where they are considered a viable Presidential candidate are minuscule. The path to the Presidency is a long, meandering, serpentine one that requires ambition, fortuitous circumstance, the right connections, willing accomplices, a friendly media, and usually, a ton of subterfuge.

There are lots of people with political ambition and talent who never make it. The formula for success is a tricky one far, far beyond any one person's control.

So the idea that any individual was somehow predestined from the start to end up with a major party nomination necessitates a leap of faith so large that it precludes any sense of how people actually ascend to that position.

Family connections can certainly help. Even the elder President Bush had a father who was a US Senator, Al Gore had a father who was a US Senator, and President Kennedy had a father who basically pushed him into the Presidency.

But the Rodhams were neither a political nor financial dynasty.

If you don't have those family connections, you have to be able to ingratiate yourself with those who can help your career. To do that, you must employ charm, humor, salesmanship, and a certain moral flexibility.

Hillary has only that last attribute.

So the idea that Hillary would "probably have gotten to the same place quicker on her own" is as ludicrous as saying that George W. Bush would have risen to the Presidency even if his father hadn't been President. Or that Donald Trump would be the Republican frontrunner if he was a blue collar worker with a net worth of $50,000. Or that a less-than-one-full-term Senator from Illinois with no legislative accomplishments would have been elected President if he hadn't been black.

The difference is, you don't hear any of those statements from Bush, Trump, or Obama supporters. Only Hillary's supporters are that insane.

if Hillary hadn't been married to Bill, it's not hard to imagine where she would have ended up. She might have been a small time lawyer in Chicago. Or, with a little luck, a partner at a larger law firm. She might have been a college professor, maybe in law, or maybe in a subject closer to her heart, like Women's Studies. Or, she might have ended up as an organizer for NOW.

She probably would have been fairly successful at any of those occupations. She's smart enough, and probably would have been fairly successful at currying favor within the Women's Studies Department, or among the other functionaries at NOW.

But the idea that the political powerbrokers in Illinois, Arkansas, or anywhere else would have taken a look at this woman --

-- and thought to themselves, "Yep, there's the charisma we're going to ride all the way to the White House" is just not credible.

Bill was known to have the ability to make every person he spoke to feel special. He was quick on his feet, charming, and humorous. He could appear patriotic when that was called for, contrite when that was called for, angry when that was called for, and compassionate when that was called for. He may have been none of those things, but he knew how to project those emotions because he was a great salesman, and a consummate seducer. (He was, after all, a sociopath.)

And even with all that going for him, he needed a tremendous amount of luck.

Hillary is by nature stiff, brittle, and (genuinely) angry. During the '08 primary campaign, Obama was criticized for having said, lukewarmly, that Hillary was "likable enough." He was actually being generous.

If Hillary hadn't married Bill, you'd never have heard of her.
Quibcag: Not really a quibcag, of course, because that's Julianna Margulies, not some Anime cutie-pie.


  1. Oh, i don't know. As crazy as feminists are they might be right, just not the way they believe which is invariably wrong. If Hillary hadn't married Bubba, she might have ended up as Mrs. Gore or the wife of Teddy Kennedy. She might have pushed Teddy to run for President, and when Chappaquiddick sank his candidacy, she might have step into his place. If she was Mrs. Gore, she might have convinced that schmuck to step aside after Bubba had his two terms and creamed W in the election, because she didn't drone on about lockboxes or told people she invented the internet. Lets face it, W was not a great candidate, and even conservatives and Republicans weren't crazy about Bush's boy being President. If W hadn't had the good fortune of having a schmuck like Algore as his opponent and faced a young Hillary who wasn't a old Granny, she might have creamed his corn.

  2. Hillary realized that, based on the then obvious reality of gender in a saner world, that being a female she wasn't going to be President herself, so the nest best thing would be to find the man she could marry, and get him there. Bill looked, early on, to her as if he could be that man, but I'm sure that early on she had a horrible, sinking feeling that she'd made a big mistake. And she would have, except that through a bizarre turn of events the very flawed Bill Clinton actually became a thinkable nominee...and then the nominee...and the American people had had quite enough of Bush.

    American presidential elections are not decided by "independents". They are decided about how many of your marginal voters-usually demotivated, low information people-you turn out vs. how many the other candidate turns out of theirs. These are people who, when they vote, either always vote on party or who have one or two issues, like abortion, gun control or taxes that determine their vote. Daddy "No New Taxes Backslide" Bush caused his to stay home a lot. Clinton turned his out.