Monday, November 9, 2015

Odin sees you when you're waking....

It's not too early for a Christmas post, is it?
Guest post by Matt Bailey

"Merry Christmas", "Good Yule", "Keep the Saturn in Saturnalia", and even "Merry f*cking Xmas you Heathen!" etc are all acceptable to me. Such phraseology acknowledges the unassailable fact that this season is the supreme Midwinter Festival of the Eurofolk. Snowflakes, Baby Jesus popping out of Mary at the wrong time of year, Evergreen Trees, Mistletoe, Charlie Brown, and most important of all, our watchful All-Father, Santa-Odin. "Happy Holidays" is, by the same logic, a thrown gauntlet, because it is a lame attempt to put a Jewish oil festival (that for most of Judaic history was relatively unimportant) and a fictional "African" festival invented by a goddamned commie in the same league. It's a WESTERN CIVILIZATION thing, you degenerates! By Thor's beard, this season I'd rather walk by ten thousand baby Jesuses (Jesus'? Jesusii?) positioned rather ironically in mangers beside bespangled pagan Trees than deal with watered-down, let's-include-everyone-including-people-who-want-to-Jihad-our-asses multicultural crap.
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  1. I came across this two years ago. Note what the two characters are saying about Christmas, and take careful note of the names on the movie credits.
    The writings of Kevin MacDonald - in webcomic form.
    Another example has become a Christmas staple, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. When you read the history of it's author, you'll understand why it's a Christmas story that never once makes any mention of Jesus. Santa, snow, the feast, the tree, the presents, the singing, all present and accounted for.
    But unlike A Charlie Brown Christmas, not one mention of the Bible or the nativity. In fact Grinch is pretty much devoid of religion at all.
    BTW, seen the trailer for the new Peanuts movie, between the Baba O'riley (AKA 'teenage wasteland') and the CGI with drawn faces, to me it's covered with wrong sauce. Shultz has gotta be spinning in his grave.