Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Google PC (Prioritizes Correctly) Veterans' Day

From Ari Khazar:

I want to thank Google for the Veterans Day doodle, which shows White men in the background. With as little as we White men have done militarily for this country, I'm grateful they included us in it at all.


  1. Why do white males fight Wars for Israel when Jews do this?

    1. Totally agree. However Whites have been wedge out of higher education and every advanced field. This is generally the only employment left

  2. Note the black hitting on the white(?) woman too.

  3. From the Office Of Congressional Research 2014:
    Military Casualties.
    In Operation, Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation New Dawn. Time period: 2003-2014.
    Of all total deaths:
    White = +/- 85%.
    Male = +/- 98%

  4. Google doodle = white male : 14%.

  5. Correction: Study published 8/2015

  6. I'd like to thank Google and all you goofs for reminding all White men and Whites in general that the system hates them. We in the Mobile Infantry thank you for helping to recruit our Starship Troopers to fight your BUG army of Anti-White Satanists.
    Remember, White man. Join the Mobile Infantry. Get citizenship. Leave the bad years of minority rule behind and support Western Civilization. We will win and get our country back...