Thursday, November 19, 2015

Close your mind and open your borders

There are two things that Obama says it's offensive to worry about — Muslim terrorists and Israeli spies. The first he's welcoming to cross our border, and the second he's planning to turn loose so he can cross our border the other way [link]. So it would be bigoted and offensive to oppose either one of these two great ideas. Or so say an incredible number of flaky liberals all over the media, including the internet, using all sorts of twisted logic and irrelevant emotional outbursts. The best part is countless shots of harmless-looking Syrian women toting babies sucking on pacifiers around. Footage of violent young male thugs are somehow less popular with the media, despite the fact that they represent a pretty large percentage of these vibrant refugees.

Over at,
Seventh Son elaborates on this strange tendency of nonWhite refugees to want to live in a country full of White bigots like this one:

Open Borders as an Admission of White Supremacy

Steve Jobs looked pretty White to me. I'm not embarrassed to admit my ignorance of his lineage, as it has only just become (ironically) relevant at this point in the current year. As far as I was concerned up until this week, the graying entrepreneur from Silicon Valley in the goofy black turtleneck & skinny jeans was a White dude. A captain of industry and a life lived that most likely is worthy of a melodramatic biopic starring Young Magneto (who did nothing wrong, PBUH). Meanwhile the best Steve Wozniak can muster up is a cameo on The Big Bang Theory and a Cadillac commercial showing off his sweet turntable and vinyl collection.
But let us not digress into Apple counter-signalling (my Samsung Galaxy buzzes in my pocket as I type this); let us look at What Liberals Actually Believe, and what they want us to believe. For the sake of argument here, we'll have to put aside our objections to the laughably faulty premise that the Syrian migrants are refugees from civil war rather than incoming healthy male combatants carrying out a clandestine invasion of the West. We can take them at their word that the infamous bowl of M&M's is only 1% poisoned, rather than an actual bowl of poison, and still blow them out.
Outspoken Facebook liber(al)tarian Jeffrey Tucker thinks that by refusing the poisoned bowl of M&M's, we as a country (as a civilization if we allow Europe into the conversation) would be passing up potential future Steve Jobses. This no doubt would be a great loss, had Jobs' father been refused entry into the US. Nothing other than weak speculation could inform us on what would have happened to the world of computing and mobile devices should that have occurred. We could comfort ourselves with the notion that space-time cannot be disrupted and the iPhone 6 was an inevitable Force of Nature that could not be stopped with or without Jobs. Checkmate, open borders cucks! Or we could sit here and pretend that technology would have stood still in the mid-80s, and we'd all still be using those clunky modems Matthew Broderick used to dial up the WOPR and start a nuclear war in War Games. (The only winning move is to pretend there is no conflict and not engage!)
Dilemma: Without migrants, we'd have no suicide bombings, but we'd have to do all our dank meming with this device.
Falling back to the idea that the migration of low-class, unskilled, illiterate victims of regional violence is actually a mob of superstar business visionaries trying to gain entry to the West for the purpose of using her economic climate to carry out their no doubt profitable and innovative plans is what the open borders lib does when challenged on the notion that a nation's borders are imaginary lines that anyone should be allowed to cross just because. If they're so damned imaginary, what is so important on the other side of them that people take such great risks to cross them? What is it here that is so taken for granted, yet deemed so indispensable to existence by these liberals that they see no risk in sharing it with these unfortunates? Here, were we dealing with honest humans and not the sheep followers of reptilian volcano worshippers, the lib would have to force himself to admit that the people on the other side of these regrettable lines have erected institutions, infrastructures, and avenues to success that the migrants wish to take advantage of.
Why haven't the interlopers built their own back home? The Crusades? Racism? Capitalism? (Wait, that can't be it...they're coming to the West to become bourgeois middle class liberals...which narrative are we doing again?)
The real dirty trick here is that liberals do recognize what we have on this side of our precious lines on the map. They acknowledge it as "White Privilege" because referring to it as "White Supremacy" or "White Authority" is problematic, exclusionary and something something intersectional stereotype threat ablist whatever. But they do understand White Supremacy; they just for (((whatever reason))) only understand it in the context of something to be fought.
But not always. They trip themselves up and in the fight against White Supremacy, they actually spread it and in the process annihilate the cultural identities of those they are trying to protect from it. Think about it. What do liberals want out of "diversity?" A population consisting of people with different levels of melanin who all share the same opinions as they do, and all can do a passing impersonation of mid- to upper-middle-class White liberals when visible. To the liberal, race is a social construct, ethnicity is meaningless and all culture is learned. Therefore, the foreigners can be molded into a facsimile of what the White West has painted onto our Civilizational canvas over the centuries; the nuclear family, light consumerism, suburban homes, sports and schools, television, and I guess transgenderism, ubiquitous pornography and cheeseburgers. We're all human, therefore we can all be SWPLs. (Except toothless Appalachian White Christians. They're not human at all!)
What else does the liberal want out of diversity? Food. Tacos. Kebab. Kimchi. Shawarma. They want to see an international cast of characters accompanying them on their sidewalks. Scenery. Window Dressing. A hijab on a woman's head is a quaint oddity, rather than a chilling symbol of submission to the animalistic, uncontrollable sexual urges of the men in her culture. They see the human race as a petting zoo created for their amusement. They can just give these strange creatures some funky feed pellets in exchange for being entertained by their walk-on role in their progressive life story before going back home to the White enclave from which they judge everyone who doesn't get it.
What else? Economics. These people "will do jobs Americans don't want." Which can only be read as "will do work for low pay for which Americans won't settle." The warriors against White Supremacy want the migrant hordes here for slave labor. Note that if you press a liberal on cheap immigrant labor that doesn't contribute to the Treasury, he is quick to inform you that these people tend to pay more in taxes because they can't legally file for their refunds.
The warriors against White Supremacy want the foreigners not only for Slave Labor, but as an illicit source of tax revenue. Doubly slaves.
In the end, what do we end up with? A bunch of actual violent death at an Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris. Sweden overrun with brown rapists. Jihadi Imams telling us to our faces what their plan is, only to have the targets blame themselves for the violence instead. And here, stateside, the first reports of a migrant family landing in Cincinnati. How quaint. Middle class sensibilities and casual dress, and oh, what's that? Seven children?
Jeffrey Tucker has told us that humanity is more important than politics. I wonder if he ever figured demographics into that equation. When the Standard Care/Harm Party is over, what will we have? The SWPLs annihilating their brown pets' identity, or the death of the West? How many turtleneck-clad tech-gurus are worth the cost?
 Quibcag: The grenade girl is, I believe, from Puella Magi Madoka Magica (魔法少女まどか☆マギカMahō Shōjo Madoka Magika, "Magical Girl Madoka Magica")

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