Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Gospel of Loki

I'm surprised nobody thought of this before. I'm surprised I didn't think of it. A novel retelling the story of the Norse gods from beginning to Ragnarok from Loki's point of view. I don't know much about Joanne M. Harris — I happened across this book at the library — except that she's also the author of Chocolat. And it turns out that she's written other novels with a Norse god theme. And I will hunt those up and read them, too.

I read all about the Norse gods when I was a kid, and Harris seems to have included everything I can remember in this book, but since the stories are told by Loki the trickster, the gods come across as much less admirable than usual. Odin is duplicitous, Thor is unimaginative and violent, Freyja is vain and greedy — that sort of thing. But in the back of your mind, as you read it, you have the feeling that Loki's version is of course self-serving and somewhat misleading.

Very much a worthwhile read if you're interested in Norse mythology. You can get it from Amazon here [link]. And I think this qualifies as a Halloween post.

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