Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Jays' Tee Vee

The girls of Joshiraku (じょしらく) are dancing with joy because I've found a neat new blog, "Jay's Tee Vee." I'd think highly of it even if it didn't use quibcags from this site and link here a lot. But it does, and of course so much the better! There's a lot about anime on it, and his political posts are right on. I've already added him to the blogroll.  Here he describes the blog:

The set's not hooked to cable or antenna. It picks up only one channel. A very private one. Unlike cable, it always has something good on. No matter the time, whatever is playing is just starting as I tune in. How can this be? It's my video collection. Hi, I'm Jay. An occasional (very) voice actor lurking in the central Ohio hinterlands. And this is Jays' Tee Vee. My little corner of wierdness on the web. Movies, cartoons, anime. Oh yeah! ... WARNING ... Some politics.

And it's here:

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