Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cuties in Combat

I was never really in the hard-core Army. Basic, NCO school, and Intelligence school, and I spent the rest of my hitch at a desk. But Basic was enough to teach me what combat soldiers mainly do. They carry stuff. Big, heavy stuff. Indeed, the ability to carry heavy things through rotten conditions is probably the main qualification for a combat solder, and has probably been since before Sumer. A soldier who can't carry stuff is almost always pretty useless, because other soldiers have to carry his stuff for him.

And that is why, alas, ladies can't be soldiers. Oh, many of them could do what I did, I'm sure, but when it comes to combat, they simply can't do the job. (And remember, while I did indeed sit at a desk doing intel analysis, I was expected to be ready to go into combat at any time, which is why they gave me a set of injections about once a month so I could fly off to disease-infested combat areas at a moment's notice.) And there's more to it than carrying stuff, though that's one of the main things. While I was at a desk, Fred Reed was actually in Vietnam doing soldier things, and is infinitely more qualified than I am to rule on the question of ladies in combat. He writes:

A Petticoat Military
Comedy in Uniform


  1. USAF same. Men got busted out of KC-10 pilot training because they lacked the strength to fly a big, NOT-fly-by-wire aircraft - but weaker women somehow made it through. It's a joke.

  2. Rangers "tab" as distinct from full RANGER training?

    Some chick could not get over the wall so early some morning some officers took her out and saw her get over the wall with their very own neutral officer eyes!

    Gulf War I company loads found themselves pregnant and therefore undeployable meaning they were sent to Germany. After the ending of hostilities they sudenly found that they were not pregnant.

  3. President Putin must be trembling that Captain Rainbow not-so-Brite might send the Girl Guide Rangers into the Middle East. What is Spetnaz compared to the Girl Guide Rangers? Hopefully these GI Janes are the fat obnoxious Lesbians you see pushing this policy. If it is I wholeheartedly support sending them to the Middle East or anywhere else that is thousands of miles away from me.