Friday, October 2, 2015

Charles Martel, Jan Sobieski, and Vladimir Putin?

We don't have a Sobieski [link] on hand right now, but the closest thing to it might be another Slav, Vladimir Putin. Western Civilization is in bad shape right now, and in special danger from the Middle East. Oh, not from any military power anybody in the Middle East might have — The most powerful country there could probably be beaten by the Indiana National Guard alone — but from mass immigration from there into the West, where they can destroy us like swallowed bacteria.

One reason they're pouring out of there is because the place is unstable. For the most part, our dubious ally, Israel, likes it to be unstable, so no country or coalition of countries can become a real threat to it. And since we decided to subcontract our foreign policy to the Knesset years ago, our politicians almost all seem to want it to be unstable, too. Otherwise, why overthrow dictators who, for all their orneriness, manage at least to keep some order and hold wars to a minimum.

We've already busted up what stability Iraq and Libya had, forced Egypt into dumping Mubarak for the Islamic Brotherhood, and now everybody from Hillary to Huckabee seem to want to turn Syria into another goddam mess.

Not me. Assad is just fine with me. I do not want millions of refugees out of the Middle East into Europe, and Assad has shown that, without us arming all his rebels, he's capable of keeping order in the place, like his father before him.

And Putin seems to think the same way.

This is from

Vladimir Putin: The Saviour of Western Civilisation

Written by Derek J Ackerman

Only one European superpower has been so vocal in its opposition to the barbarism of Islamic extremists. Russia's iconic leader, Vladimir Putin, has admitted to aiding the Assad administration in Syria's civil war and makes no apologies because, as he stated: "Anything the US touches turns into Libya or Iraq". Although America has played an important role in the destabilisation of both nations, many western governments in the EU are not without blame.
Russia has recently engaged in a series of anti-ISIS airstrikes in Syria that will be in strategic co-operation with Assad unlike America who has pledged to assist without forming an alliance. Obama has proclaimed America shouldn't target radical organisations without first ousting Assad, although the US has been ‘fighting’ ISIS since early 2015, beginning with military authorisation reluctantly issued by the man himself.
Putin Speaking at the UN General Assembly. 
It should be obvious why America has been so hesitant to engage in opposition against these terrorist groups—they were created, funded and trained by western foreign policy and now threaten neighbouring countries. If ISIS overthrows and dissolves the Syrian Government, only then will the US be comfortable in a real attempt at removing them from the region.
This prolonged mayhem has resulted in the mass migration of refugees and migrants, pouring over European borders, that many leaders are saying will change the culture of their nations forever. European leaders have literally facilitated their own death. By supporting rebels that defect into beheading radicals, they force innocent victims into fleeing from their country where non-refugees exploit Europe’s welcoming arms claiming they, too, are refugees.
US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin meet at the United Nations General Assembly in New York on September 28, 2015. 
Russia is a close ally to the Assad administration and understands that terrorism will not end in Syria or Iraq—it will be exported through the continent as hordes of unidentified, undocumented and anonymous migrants enter Europe. This is a security risk that has only been addressed properly by Putin who, of course, hasn’t ignored the obvious role NATO, the EU and the US have played in endangering the entire western civilisation.
With Putin declaring his aid to Syria—and now commencing airstrikes—this, I hope, will give those thinking about fleeing a good reason to resist, stay and fight for their country. By stifling the flow of Syrian refugees—and convincing them that a European superpower is here to help—and handing them a rifle to fight ISIS resistance, the majority of those from Pakistan or Bangladesh who have abused this migrant crisis will be exposed and punished. As a result, it would only make sense that western governments end refugee quotas as less than a fifth coming through the borders are legitimate Syrian refugees.
Vladimir Putin speaks to 60 Minutes.
Putin called for “a genuinely broad international coalition” to fight the Islamic State and condemned the ongoing hostility against Assad, asking those guilty to take responsibility and establish a coherent alliance against Islamic State militants. Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly, Putin suggested the establishment of a Security Council resolution to ‘co-ordinate’ actions against different variations of terrorist groups. “We think it’s an enormous mistake to refuse to co-operate with the Syrian Government and its armed forces who are valiantly fighting terrorism face-to-face,’ he said. “No-one but President Assad’s forces and Kurdish militia are truly fighting the Islamic State and other terrorist organisations inside Syria.”
When fascism threatened the civil liberties of Europe in early 20th century, there was a determined offensive strategy among the aligning powers to combat it. When communism threatened those same institutions of basic human rights, the US never agreed to appease their enemies by forgetting the millions of enslaved citizens trapped behind the iron curtain. So why is it when we are, yet again, faced with an imperial threat to every civil liberty that a contemporary western government has fought against—the only nation that is truly doing any good—is the very nation that was brought to its knees some 20 years ago under allegations of those very crimes?
Quibcag: Putin's a fine-looking fellow, but not as picturesque as Natalia Vladimirovna Poklonskaya (Ната́лья Влади́мировна Покло́нская) [link], so in this, I have him peeping at us from behind her.

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