Monday, September 28, 2015

Trusting Trump

I've expressed my support for Trump's candidacy on this blog before, and some of the reactions I get surprise me. One of the most common is a variation on "I can't believe you trust Trump!" Well, of course I don't trust Trump. I've been voting since 1968, and I haven't trusted a single one of the politicians I've voted for. Trust isn't the point. The point is playing the odds, and voting for the guy who I think is most likely to do what I want done. And since Trump has made a big deal about immigration when the others were hoping to ignore it, I think it likely that he will be better than the others on this, the issue with the most importance for me.

As for all the other candidates, Republican and Democrat, I can certainly trust them not to do anything about immigration, because they've all made their intentions quite clear. They like the damn mess just the way it is just fine.

So, no, I don't trust Trump, but I'm at least rolling a pair of dice that I don't know is weighted. Best, most balanced thing on the subject of Trump I've read so far is from Fred Reed:

Thumpathumpthump, Here Come Trump
Pols Have Knickers in Knot

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  1. Latino crime rates are about right when compared to Irish, Italian, and even Jewish first and second generation incompletely assimilated immigrants. Third and furth generation pretty much match Anglo crime rates.

    Believe it or don't many Mexican Americans (can't speak for others) and illegal immigrants of same ethnic group will take low paying jobs and supplement with welfare. Many work cash and carry in the underground economy to protect benefits.
    Then again, during the last recession many people in blue collar jobs of all races used this strategy.
    In a few years we'll be saying much the same about Uighur refugees from China, I betcha.