Friday, September 18, 2015

Through the Looking Glass and into the Alarm Clock

The original video with viewer comments is here:

This seems to be an all-around hoax to give the Social Justice Warriors something to whine about. Now go read Steve Sailer's piece on it here:
Illustration by Tregenza.

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  1. They should be applauding the school and police, if you notice the clock runs on 120 volt ac plug, this goes to the transformer where it is reduced down to maybe 9 volt to match the plug for the battery. It will then be turned into 9 volt dc on the circuit board.

    However I don't see any electrical insulation around the transformer nor does it appear to be secured to the pencil case so it will probably rattle around when the case is moved;

    This clock is very likely to shock someone with 120 vac if its plugged in