Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Ethnicity-Liberty Connection

The thing about liberty is that it's not just floating around in space. The whole concept of personal freedom is a social construct based on a sheaf of cultural values. It is not universal in any way at all. It doesn't exist in the abstract any more than does the Mona Lisa or Crime and Punishment or Tschaikowski's Fifth. Or this blog. It's an artifact of the human mind.

Consequently, you can't expect people from diverse cultures to think alike on the subject at all, any more than they would on other subjects, from religion to philosophy to music to literature.

And if you're a advocate of personal liberty, this is very important for you to understand. It isn't a virus that spreads virulently  by contact. It is, on the contrary, a rather delicate organism that has to be cultivated carefully if it is to survive at all, let alone spread.

There are a lot of explanations for the development of personal liberty in the Western World, the most common being a combination of ancient Greek thinking, the theology of the Bible, and years of the development of separation of church and state, the concept of self rule, etc. But it's not disputed by any authority that personal liberty came into existence in the West and nowhere else. And that, insofar as other peoples may have absorbed some elements of the concept, they got it from the West, and not from any organic development of their own cultural elements. The Hateful Heretic elaborates on this at The Right Stuff [link]:

Liberty and Ethnicity


  1. Oh the cuckservatives know their party will not be the same. They know their country will never be the same too. Look at them and see why. Jeb Boosh married the maid at Motel Six and his chillens be brown now. Bonehead Boner sold his daughter to a Jamaican pimp, is he drunk or retarded? Why ask why? Look at that fag Lindsey Graham. He has no future to worry about does he? Traitors have no stake in the future. Whether its drugs and drink, whores and gold, its not important why they sold out. Traitors do not need reasons, they just have a price. These are some cheap whores we got here. Do we need better government or more expensive whores? If you want freedom you're barking up the wrong tree. Liberty is not something you get from Government, its something you keep away from it.

  2. That is also why the mass immigration of the Irish, Germans, Italians and other non British Protestants meant the end of The Rights of Englishmen in the US. We should have closed the border in 1800.

    1. Without those immigrants, you anti-Tories never would have bred enough to take over the continent. Good luck holding onto the Louisiana Territory. And without those additional non-English Whites, your slave-to-master ratio would be much, much higher today. Good luck with that too.

      But if you're playing the Hindsight Game, why stop at 1800? Why not 1620, and "close the border" to the Huguenots and Dutch and Prussians? Maybe you Whitest English badasses should have also closed your border to the Vikings in 800. And the Romans in 50.

    2. Thank you Mr. Lovecraft ... er ... Mallory.

      I'm really put out about good King Harold not being able to close the border in 1066!

      Just funnin' ya pal. :)

  3. The problem isn't immigration per se, its this bullshit about democracy. Since when did beggars become choosers? When people who don't pay taxes got the vote that's when. Bread and circuses only work when people who don't contribute can vote. You can't bribe people with their own money, but you can buy plenty of votes with other peoples' money. Its free to them. Its free all the way to collapse and riots. They can leave because they just came for the cheese. Where will you go when the free ride is over?

  4. Just so.

    These ideas we have of limited government, of a government of enumerated powers, of ordered liberty--they are Northern and Western European ideas, about which the tens of millions of illiterate IQ-55 wetback peasants invading our country could not give less of a damn. They don't know who Jorge Wachendon was, esse, some dead gringo maybe. They're here for El Guelfare and La Reconquista.