Thursday, September 3, 2015

Race War

Of course we're having a race war. It's ridiculously obvious. The time to think up a bunch of neat and cool ideas to prevent race war is over with. It's already going on. All of the Democrats and most of the Republicans are in a state of denial about it all, pretending that if we just spend a few billion more on this or that and/or spread more propaganda around encouraging Blacks to demand everything and Whites to give in to such demands, everything will be all right, and the utopia we've been promised ever since the Civil Rights Bill will be a reality. It won't. It becomes less possible every day.

Fred Reed, always the realist in such matters, writes:

Applied Racial Anencephaly
Making Things Worse


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  2. Brought and sponsored by The Political Class and the MAG:

    Perpetually Wrong But Never In Doubt.

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  4. I can see this happening, BLM would be throwing hand grenades at us and we take out the pins then throw them back.