Wednesday, September 23, 2015

John Craig on the Government as Next-Door Neighbor

John Craig puts things in perspective, as he so often does. This is from his blog here [link]. Go there and read it every day. I do.

If the government were a person

If a friend borrowed money from you, then, when you asked to be repaid, said that he didn't have the money because he'd given it away to some foreigners, would you be a little bit angry?

If you had to pay your employees (think: government workers) more than you get yourself, and found that those employees got health care plans, vacations, and pensions which far exceeded your own, all while working much less hard than you do, wouldn't you be a little miffed? Especially if those employees had, for all practical purposes, lifetime tenure?

If some people broke into your house to squat in an empty bedroom, and a neighbor then informed you that not only were those people who were there illegally not going to be evicted, but that you had to pay for their medical care and schooling as well, would that gall you?

If someone kept taking out new loans in your children's names, and continually got them deeper an deeper into debt, would you find that a little troublesome?

If some of your friends were targeted and killed by a couple of assassins, and someone explained what happened by telling you that it was just a peaceful demonstration about an internet video that had gotten out of control, when you found otherwise, would you ever believe anything that person told you again?

If a guy you know carelessly started a large bar fight, then recruited several neighborhood youths to finish the fight for him, and informed you that you were going to have to pay for part of it, would you be appalled?
Quibcag: The Girl with the Tiger Tattoo illustration is our old friend, Narusegawa Naru, of Love Hina (ラブ ひな Rabu Hina), one of the first animes I watched. It holds up well. I've been looking for an excuse to use it for some time now.

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  1. Baloo --
    Thank you very much. Although I've always identified as a libertarian (like you), and this is a libertarian piece, I'm afraid my libertarian credentials are getting a little frayed these days. I'm moving more and more towards the viewpoint that this philosophy doesn't work unless everybody in a society is a universalist; if you get special interest groups working cohesively, that ruins the whole thing for the universalists.