Sunday, September 20, 2015

Diversity and Justice

Great civilizations create great institutions. Sometimes they can borrow such institutions from each other, sometimes they can't. But these great institutions often don't work at all outside the civilizations in which they were developed. They especially don't work for less-than-civilized people.

This, from an anonymous reader:

A speedy trial, plus trying every crime by jury, plus competent free counsel only works well in societies where serious crime is relatively rare, such as the European societies that invented these things. Diversity gums up things badly, such as at the public defender's office in this town.

We have trial by plea bargaining ("If you confess I'll give you a sentence that may be lighter than a guilty man strictly deserves, if you go to trial I'll nail you with a sentence that is WAY more than a man who happens to be innocent deserves") because we have way more crimes than the Scandinavians who invented the whole jury of 12 thing in the Viking era.

That's partly diversity, and partly having too many laws, like the drug war.

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