Monday, August 3, 2015

The Ineffable Ditziness of the Feminist Mind

I found this one hard to believe, even for Hillary, so I googled around and found it on Wikiquote. Now, my handful of feminist readers probably won't be able to see the glitch in Hillary's reasoning here, because they are feminists, and we know that logic and consistency are icky White male things that such as Hillary and her entourage would never dream of indulging in.

It's fun to think of all those lazy males lying comfortably in their graves or wheeling happily around in their wheelchairs while the women of the world do the real suffering. Raising children without even Arkansas State Troopers to help. Ewww!

Do pass this around. I'll be some people will share it and think it's a wise and brilliant quote.
Quibcag: There is a dearth of Anime drawings of Hillary, for some reason, so we prevailed upon our own Baloo [link] to do the honors for this one.


  1. Like most such quotes it's a generalization of observations. I'd laugh, but as a woman whose husband just pulled the PTSD card after his second deployment and abandoned our baby and me, forcing me to leave my home of the past 7 years, and struggling to go from stay-at-home to finding work I can afford to accept, it's hard to argue against it. But even with that said, yeah, to blame war is too much of a generalization of the situation. If we could blame war for this kind of stuff, women in situations like mine could go after much deeper pockets than the dead-beat fathers of our children.

    1. As you suggest, the war part seems peripheral to your situation. Those of us on the REAL right would consider this guy, from what you say, to be gaming the system, and an enemy of real masculinity.

  2. The plight of WWI widows recently made the news. It was alleged that up to two million British women forewent marriage and a family because their actual or potential husbands were killed in action.

    It was further stated that their situation was so desperate that 'many' turned to lesbianism in the 1920s.

    The presumption is that they were entitled to marriage, children and everything associated.

    The men that were killed, who lost their lives, who lost their dreams and any future at all were barely mentioned.

  3. Unless I am mistaken that is a quote from Hillary's Congo trip back a few years ago when she was shilling for American Money to support the African Female Victims. I had to laugh then because of course she is right in her own twisted way of thinking that war creates so many Female victims.

    That's because the Male victims are usually DEAD.