Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Donald and Le Pen

It's not just us, you know. All of Europe is having an immigration crisis, and most countries there have developed an anti-immigration political party in reaction to it. But the United States just isn't a good place to start a third party, and the closest we can get to it is an insurgency within one of our two parties. The last successful insurgency was probably the Goldwater nomination half a century ago, and that ended badly.

Right now, surprisingly (it certainly surprises me), the insurgency is built around the personality of Donald Trump, and it seems to be our best chance to deal with the immigration problem.

Because mass immigration, you could say, is only one element of the phenomenon of globalism. And as the quibcag puts it, the two alternatives of our time are indeed globalism and nationalism. You either have one or the other. Any country that opts for the former is basically trashing its own nationhood.  And, make no mistake about it, my fellow libertarians, there is no third alternative. If you work against nationalism, you work for globalism, and vice-versa. Since globalism is just another way of saying world government, I repeat, fellow libertarians, that a revolt against the concept of nationalism is a revolt against freedom.

Paul Gottfried, over at, compares the Trump insurgency with the National Front in France:

The French National Front and Donald Trump
Quibcag: This illustration is a version of Hetalia France from Hetalia: Axis Powers (Axis Powers ヘタリア). And I'm not sure if this is a direct quote from Marine Le Pen or not (it probably isn't), but it certainly reflects her thinking.

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  1. OT:

    Here is a quote from your friend Robert Lindsay;

    "I don’t really mind Paleocons. I will take a dozen Paleocons over one leftwing PC SJW. I am somewhat embarassed that American Conservative resonates with me. Nevertheless, I am not really a conservative in any way, shape or form. Even social conservatism doesn’t resonate with me in any way, shape or form. Nor am I much on the Left anymore. "