Saturday, July 4, 2015

Trump-Coulter 2016!

It's hard to keep track of all of them, but it seems to me that all the prospective Republican nominees for President have failed to say anything rational about immigration, and many of them have taken the opportunity to proclaim their irrationality on the subject instead. In reaction to the one prospective nominee who has said rational things about immigration, Donald Trump.

The Democrat/Republican party line is, of course, that all immigrants are wonderful, and that we need them very badly. A few Republicans make a feeble case for maybe being careful not to admit downright criminals, but they're easily talked out of that with inspiring stories of illegal immigrant children winning scholarships and curing cancer and squaring the circle. All made up, of course, but in a good cause, the refrain goes.

And, since the single most important issue is immigration, and because the rest of the Republicans seem perfectly comfortable with Obama's policy of luring illegals in, and flying them in if necessary, putting them on the government dole, and 'de-emphasizing deportation' (i. e. not deporting anybody at all, really), I'm declaring my support for Donald Trump, warts and all.  And John Derbyshire agrees, and thinks Ann Coulter would make him a good running mate. At, he writes:

Trump-Coulter 2016!


  1. "Two rays of light, to be precise: Donald Trump and Ann Coulter."

    Not only yeah, but HELL YEAH!

    I'm 76 years old and have long since quit supporting any damned scumbag lying politician, Dem or Repub.

    But this time, perhaps my last presidential dustup, I'm gong full bore for Trump - and Colter - if that's who he chooses.

  2. Great article, but it should be Coulter-Trump. She's far smarter and wittier than he is.

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