Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Phony Left

One difference between the left and the right is that the latter has a bias in favor of honesty. It isn't always honest, of course, but down deep inside, all of us on the right know damn well that we ought to be. There are probably a lot of reasons for that, but one of the main reasons is that the right is in favor of maintaining civilization, and it was determined long ago that, for Western civilization at least, honesty and truth are basic underpinnings of the whole way of thinking and behaving.

The left has no such bias. Oh, there are a few people on the left who aren't that way, but they're sure not in the driver's seat of the movement. Most of them are constantly pointing out that the Communist world and its successors in the West — Obama, Hillary, all of the Democrats and most of the Republicans — aren't the real left. Maybe so. But they think they're the left, and so does everybody else, so what I say here refers to the actual leftist movement, from Mao to Bernie Sanders, and not some outliers who haven't gotten the message about lying all the time.

So almost none of the causes of the left are real causes, in the sense that the left thinks they are a good thing and ought to be established. Au contraire. The left promotes a lot of crazy stuff — affirmative action, homosexual marriage, handcuffing the cops, free speech (only for filth and self-destructive ideas) mass immigration, etc. etc. — that it wouldn't allow for a minute once it's completely in control. None of any of that in North Korea or Cuba. They don't allow it on their watch because they know it's destructive. So there's no point in arguing with the left that their ideas are bad. They know they're bad. They like them bad. Tell them that homosexual marriage undermines real marriage and they'll argue that it doesn't. But they know it does, and that's precisely why they support it. Except for a few adolescents who don't know any better, the left has no desire to improve conditions for anybody, but to make things worse and make their own takeover inevitable.

I've been saying all this for awhile, but I've never expressed it as fluently as Daniel Greenfield has. I came across his essay on, a site you should visit at least once a week.  He writes:

No Truce With the Left

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  1. I've heard of Generals fighting the Last War, but this is the first time I've ever seen people who run the System try to overthrow it! Have you ever wondered why the Leftists are trying to still overthrow the Government? Don't they run the Government now? Don't they love the Government and want it expanded infinitely? Why are they still trying to overthrow the Government now? Never ascribe to EVIL what can easily be explained by STUPIDITY.
    These losers are like addicts. They are addicted to rebellion. They love to try to overthrow the Government and hold rallies and signs to protest things. Even now when these geezers are running the schrewls and gubmints and media, they're still out in the sun holding rallies and signs to overthrow the System. They just need to die. The problem with Natural Selection is its not real. Nature is what an idiot calls the jungle. In the jungle only the Strong and Smart survive and these idiots are neither of these...