Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Immigration Agenda

There are a lot of groups wildly in favor of mass immigration and open borders, and very few with a sane attitude about the issue. That's why so many of us are delighted that Trump is pounding away at the issue. As the graphic states, the MAG (Media, Academia, Government) love the idea of masses of incompatible foreigners moving in and replacing the American people, because, frankly, the MAG hates the American people. Simple as that. Others pushing for mass immigration include the sappier sort of Christian, who think it's their duty to give up all they have (and all the rest of us have) and give it to random immigrants, who of course will not appreciate it but just whimper that they need more. Then there are the doublethinking Zionists (including many of the aforementioned Christians) who think Israel's borders are sacred and inviolable, but that ours are artificial or stupid or something. There are liberals in general, who, as a part of, or ally of, the MAG, prefer foreigners to Americans, nonWhites to Whites, nonChristians to Christians, etc. And we have the neocons, like the Bush boys, who want to be hidalgos lording over a multicultural empire full of an easily-manipulated ethnically ambiguous people, who will work cheap and be dependent on the government.  And then we have th flakier sort of libertarian, who says that everybody has a 'right of travel,' and therefore we have no right to keep anybody out of our country. This is much like the liberal notion that freedom of anything requires that the government subsidize everything that one might want to be 'free' to do.

Speaking of Christians, at Michelle Malkin writes:

Is Your Church Abetting Sanctuary Nation?

The random, heartless murder of a young tourist on San Francisco’s Pier 14 by a five-time illegal alien deportee who benefited from the “progressive” city’s sanctuary policy has law-abiding Americans, law enforcement officials and political opportunists of all stripes up in arms.
But for decades, feckless government leaders ignored the pleas of families who suffered the bloody consequences of open borders.
For every Kate Steinle who died at the hands of an illegal alien sanctuary beneficiary, there is a Tony, Michael and Matthew Bologna in San Francisco.
Jamiel Shaw (age 17) or Xinran Ji (age 24) in Los Angeles.
Marten Kudlis (age 3) in Denver.
Zina Linnik (age 12) in Tacoma.
As I’ve reported time and again, liberal “sanctuary” programs in these metropolitan areas have protected, harbored and enabled criminal illegal aliens who disappeared into the deportation abyss. Both Democrats and Republicans, goaded by Big Government and Big Business interests, collaborated to turn America into a collective sanctuary nation. Non-enforcement is the rule, deportation evasion is the game, and the country is a safe haven—for law-breakers from around the world.
Yet, even as born-again tough-on-borders grandstanders now race in front of cameras to condemn these dangerous policies, churches across the country are brazenly thumbing their nosesat our immigration laws. And political phonies are doing nothing to stop them.
In Northeast Portland, Ore., the Augustana Lutheran Church is shielding illegal alien Francisco Aguirre-Velasquez after he committed drunk driving and drug crimes and violated deportation rules.

Read the rest, and see some illustrations, here:


  1. Yet, even as born-again tough-on-borders grandstanders now race in front of cameras to condemn these dangerous policies.
    That would be Trump. Granted, he's saying the right things on immigration, now. It's currently both his greatest asset and biggest liability. What did Trump become famous for? Real Estate development and hotels/casinos - two businesses that are notorious for hiring illegals.

  2. I really have to wonder if anyone in this Administration has a working central nervous system. With Americans saying no to more wars without benefits to Americans, they now want Mexican invaders to take up arms and go to the Middle East? What are they going to do there sell pot? I doubt seriously that peons who will not fight for Mexico will ever fight for America.

  3. Was his photo taken the year he died? It smells of emotional manipulation.