Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Matt the Barbarian

Guest post by Matt Bailey.

So I was reading the review on an anthology of Robert E. Howard stories, and I came across the White male (obviously, if they are reading a fantasy book) being aghast at the following... 

"You said I was a Barbarian,” he said harshly, “and that is true, Crom be thanked. If you had men of the outlands guarding you instead of soft-gutted civilized weaklings, you would not be the slave of a black pig this night. I am Conan, a Cimmerian, and I live by the sword’s edge. But I am not such a dog as to leave a white woman in the clutches of a black man...If you were old and ugly as the devil’s pet vulture, I’d take you away from Bajujh simply because of the color of your hide. " 

...Now the situation is that a Northern girl has been captured by these savages, her brother slaughtered, and Conan is adventuring among the black Kushites as a war-leader. So she implores him to rescue her, which he does, by the strength of his arm, at great personal risk, and sends her back to her homeland, without even requiring her to give up her (offered) body to him. Obviously this was a horrible misdeed that is completely un-praiseworthy (WTF?)

This was written in a pulp for ordinary White men in the 1930s. In 2015, ordinary White men are getting their panties in their bunch over the prospect of an extraordnarily powerful White man rescuing a White woman from slavery and certain rape at he hands of people who cut her brother into pieces for the cook pot. What a difference the decades of PC have made.


  1. I remember one of the Sackett stories in which Tell Sackett rescues Orin's ex-wife from the Apaches,because he feels sorry for the Apaches.

    One story by Howard dealt with a white cowboy that treated a black man and his wife unjustly and as a result was hoodooed to death.The implication was that it was just because he abused "white man's privilege."

    The world has changed too much since even the Eighties. This generation is out of communication with their grandparents' times.

  2. We were smarter in Robert E. Howard's day.

    Oh, here is a post by Robert Lindsay on the same region:


  3. REH had some good Negroes in his stories as well, such as Conan's fellow soldier-of-fortune Juma. Somewhere between Leftist dogma and those who would make racial awareness a dogma themselves is reality, in which diversity DOES substantively exist and some ethnic self-interest is natural and needed. L'amour seemed to never have anything but noble Black characters, no villains, which methinks is trying a bit too hard.

  4. Amazing how some people are so stupid and twisted they claim a truthful assessment of racial characteristics is hate. The Media And Academia is like Alice in Wonderland. Words mean what they want and they have no intrinsic meaning. These lunatics need to go away. This fakery and liefest is just sickening to behold.

  5. Start buying as many of Howards' works you can (Forget the krap by Jordan. Only the Howard Conan is any good.). They may not be around much longer.

  6. "It may sound fantastic to link realism with Conan but he is simply a combination of prize-fighters, gunmen, bootleggers, oil field bullies, gamblers and honest workmen that I have met, and combining them all produced the character who I have designated Conan the Cimmerian." - Robert E. Howard (1935).

  7. It's astonishing how we've come to spit on everything our ancestors knew to be true. Something went very very wrong in the 20th Century. In America it probably dates to the 19th Century.