Sunday, July 5, 2015

How Liberals Think

That last post led to a commenter pointing out this nice little video that is well worth listening to. It's a speech by Evan Sayet (the name looked Turkish to me, but boy, is that wrong!) to the Heritage Foundation. Now, this fellow is almost certainly a neocon, but you have to remember that neocons do say a lot of accurate things, especially about their liberal cousins. And you really should listen to this guy, as he points out that what he calls modern liberal thought is, at base, simple nihilism.

Don't let his unquestioning support of Israel put you off. I'm well aware that Israel's interests aren't our interests, and that Israel has behaved shabbily and worse on many occasions — not least because of our unquestioning support — but his analysis of the motivations behind leftist criticism of, and opposition to, Israel are dead on.

Likewise, he is correct about the motivation behind leftist opposition to the Iraq War.  There were good reasons to oppose it, and I certainly opposed it, but not because of the usual leftist claptrap about racism, etc., but because I thought it was a waste our blood and treasure and not in our interest.

The left, of course, when it opposes Israel and/or the Iraq War, does so precisely because it thinks, in its wisdom, that these two things are in America's interest, and therefore just hates them. One can disagree about both of these issues, because of different analysis of just what our interests are, but the left, never forget, takes its position because the left opposes America's interest as they see it.

So what Mr. Sayet is for may be a bit dubious and we may not like it all, but his evaluation of the left and its motivations is both informative and useful. It's obviously several years old, but still timely! So, take a grain of salt and listen:

Quibcag: Again we have Marii of Joshiraku (じょしらく).


  1. Indeed, there are valid arguments against the decision for Operation Iraqi Freedom, but the left's arguments against OIF are largely based on lies.

    To set the record straight, see:
    1. Saddam: What We Now Know (link) by Jim Lacey* draws from the Iraq Survey Group (re WMD) and Iraqi Perspectives Project (re terrorism). * Dr. Lacey was a researcher and author for the Iraqi Perspectives Project (link).
    2. Explanation (link) of the law and policy, fact basis for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

  2. "Operation Iraqi Freedom"???

    That's hilarious, right out of a Hollywood comic book. But I guess a dumb populace needs an even dumber method of convincing. Previous war-mongers should have used "Operation German Freedom" and "Operation Confederate Freedom".

    People who continually fall for this garbage are a big part of why the USA is swirling in the toilet.

    1. In fact, the humanitarian mandates of UNSCR 688 (1991) were cornerstone for the terms of the Gulf War ceasefire. The humanitarian mandates for Iraq were also enshrined in US law and policy - the question, "The reasons for OIF seemed to change. Was it about WMD or democracy?", is answered here (link).

      Also see:
      1. UN Recognizes 'Major Changes' In Iraq (link) by VP Joe Biden on behalf of the UN Security Council.
      2. How Obama Abandoned Democracy in Iraq (link) by OIF official and senior advisor Emma Sky.