Saturday, July 18, 2015

Connections, Consequences, Logic, and Other Boring Right-Wing Concepts

Some idiot talking head, I can't remember which one — I think it was Geraldo — said recently that Obama's immigration policy and Francisco Sanchez' murder of Kate Steinle were "completely unrelated." I guess it just happened in a vacuum, and the only way to prevent such things in the future is to ban guns for regular American citizens. I guess that's his thinking — I hesitate to call it "logic." And the moron Juan Williams is said to be "baffled" by the fact that some people advocate allowing military personnel to defend themselves, because it might lead to trouble in mall parking lots or something.

The left certainly is challenged when it comes to actual thinking instead of feeling. Do I need to explain the graphic? If I do, it would be for my small group of leftist readers. Do pass it around.
One last thought:  Of course, the graphic explains how we're supposed to think of Roof and Abdulazeez in completely different terms. And this is absolutely necessary, otherwise we might think that maybe à la the Confederate flag, we should now insist on removing all Islamic symbols from public places, tearing all the Mosques in the country down, and desecrating the graves of any and all Muslims. Just a idea derived from the thought processes of the left.

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