Monday, June 8, 2015

Trying to be funny

Guest post by Baloo.

I field this one because it's about humor, and I'm the humorist of the outfit. Back when I first became aware of 'satire,' first by reading Mad Magazine, and later by reading more serious funny stuff by Swift and his successors, it was pretty easy, even for a kid, to tell the difference between reality and ultra-exaggerated satirical mocking of reality. Not so much any more. Just groping around for an example, what writer could possibly come up with anything more ridiculous than the Obama presidency. For years, writers tried to depict a Black president, sometimes seriously, sometimes satirically, but none came up with a scenario as absurd as the Obaman reality. And if a writer had come up with a story anything like the reality we have, would he have decided to threaten that the Black president be followed in office by anything at all like Hillary Clinton? If he had, nobody would have published the thing, because there are limits to readers' powers of suspension of disbelief. Anyhow, the quibcag quote is from a post by Chateau Heartiste, and you ought to go to the [link] and read it. It doesn't solve the dilemma, but it proposes a comedic theory of history. Enjoy.
Quibcag: I can't be sure, but I have reason to believe the jester girl is from Fullmetal Alchemist  鋼の錬金術師, Hagane no Renkinjutsushi)

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