Thursday, June 4, 2015


Guest post by Matt Bailey:

Proposal: There are many individuals who have faced the struggle of being born with Napoleon identity in a world which does not accept them. So many individuals have faced the horrors of being told that just because they were, for instance, born in the Bronx in 1975 that they, by basic logic, cannot be Bonaparte. I think these souls should have free, unfettered access to height reduction surgery, so that their outside finally matches their inner identity. And anyone who denies that a post-op trans-bonaparte is in fact actually the Little Corporal, why that's just bigotry and should probably be made illegal.
The girl dressed as Napoleon is from something called eiyuu senki


  1. If a Satanist high priest got himself this surgery, would he be a Transmanian Devil?

  2. I just made the title of my G+ "Transmanian Devils," before seeing the comment above. Great minds think alike!