Saturday, June 6, 2015

Spock and the Second Amendment

Sent in by Matt Bailey. Pass it around!


  1. Interesting, but Spock was well known for spouting Socialistic drivel and Leonard Nimoy was very anti-gun.

    Spock is not the logical choice for this post.

    1. Grew up with the old "Star Trek" in the first round of reruns. Spock spouted socialistic drivel because mainstream America in the '60s, as in Johnson's Great Society, believed in it. The show wasn't really science fiction, despite its clever product placement for upcoming inventions. It was always meant to be a fable about different kinds of Americans getting along (the world being represented by actors doing vaudeville stage accents and an American black as an African; a universe conveniently populated by fellow humans who even speak English), like "Gilligan's Island," but it took itself seriously most of the time like "The Twilight Zone" and "The Outer Limits." Just a mirror of '60s America with some fashionable social criticism. And some hot chicks.

      Still a good meme.

  2. young fogey,
    You post a valid opinion. The Star Trek plots fit a classic Sci Fi literature genre called Space Opera. This term came from Soap Opera style over-the-top grab the readers attention plotting, and the space setting. It was a hit, and its still evolving today. Depending on the author (s), it sticks with hard Sci Fi (close attention to known physics) soft Sci Fi (makes up the science) or fantasy-or a mix. Star Trek went with a mix of soft Sci Fi and fantasy, as did the "next Gen" and other versions. Using Spock for a logical statement poster is an inspired choice, picking a hugely recognized image and charecter. Just as a randomly chosen American might think Spock was an actual person, few would be able to accurately argue Spocks' politics. Your description of how the show shaped characters and positions is accurate. The "united federation of planets" wasn't ever described as a democracy, republic, parliamentary republic, etc. Like all known modern military's (I'm retired Nav myself) the Star Fleet looked like the same socialist subculture as our US Navy.

  3. I love star trek movie, its very nice and interesting, thanks