Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Plyllis Schlafly reviews Ann Coulter's book

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"Adios, America!" brims with the scathing humor that has made Coulter's previous 10 books bestsellers.

Coulter gives hundreds of specific examples of major crimes committed by illegal immigrants and, in particular, crimes against very young women and girls. She shows the devious ways that the media conceal the fact that these horrendous crimes are committed by illegal immigrants whom our government never should have let into our country.

The media cover-up doesn't conceal merely the nationality of these criminals or the frequency of their crimes. The media cover-up also conceals the depravity of these crimes, which are so horrific I can't bring myself to describe them in this column.

"Adios, America!" spells out chapter and verse on the attitudes and customs of the foreigners Obama is welcoming by the millions into America, including their horrific mistreatment of very young women, some even younger than teens. Where are the feminists when we need them to shout about the "war on women"?

There are many devious ways that foreigners can get into the U.S. and then cash in on our generous welfare system. One route is the family unification policy, which qualifies for entry all varieties of alleged relatives, plus fake marriages by foreigners to U.S. citizens.

The racket called asylum allows a foreigner to claim without proof that he faces persecution in his home country, and then he can qualify for admission to the U.S. plus generous financial support by the U.S. taxpayers. The Tsarnaev family, whose sons bombed the Boston Marathon, were admitted after phony claims of persecution and then cashed in for $100,000 in U.S. handouts.

Coulter exposes the giant deception covered by the trendy liberal goal of "diversity," which excused dumping 100,000 Somalis on Minnesota. We've allowed 30 million Mexicans to settle inside our country; that's one-quarter of Mexico's entire population of 120 million.

Read the rest at http://www.wnd.com/2015/06/none-dare-say-it-except-ann-coulter/#7M2EHRj2Lf6tibzC.99

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