Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Liberalism and Darwinism — Oil and Water

Everything Jim Goad says in the piece below I've tried to say myself at various times on this blog. Enter
race evolution
in the "Search this blog" box to the upper right there and you'll find plenty to read. And many others have pointed out this cognitive disconnect among liberals concerning racial equality and evolution, most notably Steve Sailer, who calls the phenomenon "Liberal Creationism." [link]

It comes down to Orwell's doublethink, as do so many bad ideas these days — "the ability to believe two contradictory things simultaneously."  If you master doublethink, you can have it both ways, you see. You can believe that college students are wise and intelligent and bursting with knowledge, and should be teaching rather than taught, and also that their little brains aren't fully formed yet and should be protected by campus rules from hate speech and microaggressions and rudeness. You can believe that Muslims are evil, incorrigible people who should be constantly bombed to make them behave, but at the same time are absolutely wonderful immigrants who should be welcomed into the West and fawned over. You can believe that Republican presidents who make war abroad are war criminals, while Democratic presidents who do are peacemakers.  So it goes. And of course you can believe that genetic variation and natural selection have created a planetful of living things, no two of which are alike, but that all human beings are totally equal in cognitive potential.  And now to Jim:

Evolution or Equality? (Pick One)

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  1. These people are not smart, but they're not stupid enough to believe this bullshit either. You wonder why these "useful idiots" always help those who will kill them don't you? Its easy, really. They're suckers. There's a sucker born everyone twenty seconds now. W.C. Fields said you can't cheat an honest man, and its true. These useful idiots go along because they're greedy for money and power. They know that these "poor minorities" will never be free, and they don't really give a shit about Shanequota. They tow the party line because they believe they will get a seat at the table when the spoils are divided. They're shocked - SHOCKED when they get a bullet in the back of the head instead by CheQuita Banana. "But comrade, I am one of you!" they cry. Sorry Charlie, only misshapen goblins need apply!