Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Heaven, the Earth, Pope Francis, and Matt Bailey

Elsewhere on the net, in response to our current Pope's shenanigans and hijinks, Matt Bailey wrote:

"Love thy neighbor" in general just doesn't work. It is unnatural. It sounds like a good ideal, but the expectations it sets up lead to bad problems when men inevitably fall short. "Leave the bastard alone" is much better. It is much more attainable, much harder to interpret in boneheaded ways that lead to messes. The man who loves his neighbor may feel compelled to "save" this fellow from the drink, the vile weed, streetwalkers, or the dice. From such flows nearly every bad policy of the last 100 years. The man of my philosophy however, understands that it's the other guys life, he can run it to ruin if he likes. These folks who think heaven can be built on Earth, give em the reins of a nation and they'll drive it straight to hell.

And, lest you think Matt is being irreligious here, another said much the same thing in a different way:

"Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive." — C. S. Lewis.

They're both quite right, of course, and put the lie to the liberal/progressive notion that intentions are everything, and outcomes are secondary. Oh, they seldom say it so overtly, except when some liberal project has ruined a bunch of lives, when the excuse is that so-and-so meant well.

One of my progressive friends on Facebook is thrilled to pieces that Burma seems to be throwing some Muslims the hell out, and want us to take them all in and sign them up for welfare and the whole ball of wax. Emma Lazarus is quoted at length. In case you weren't aware, she called for America to be a refuge for everybody, but, as a proto-Zionist, she had plans to create a country that would only let Jews in. There was doublethink long before Orwell named it.

Of course, when Muslim masses yearn to breath free, they end up yearning for Sharia and other Muslim social institutions, and to hell with those stupid countries that welcome them in. Polygamy and honor killings are the new freedom and democracy.

And, if you're the sensitive type, and care about the fate of such Muslims, is it really doing them a favor to move them in here among all us evil White Supremacists with our Confederate Battle Flag and grits and Coors? More on this later.
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