Monday, June 8, 2015

Fred on the Two Americas

There has always been a tension between those who love and value their country and those who, frankly, dislike it and want to change it into something else, anything else. Interestingly, those of us who love and value the United States aren't averse to change — We're averse to destruction, and most of the "changes" desired by the self-appointed leftist (and neocon, which is a variation of leftist) elite are most certainly intended to be destructive. There is no combination more destructive than the liberal/neocon advocacy of open borders with a welfare and legal system guaranteed to attract the absolute worst kind of immigrant. And running a close second is the liberal/neocon refrain insisting on "tolerance" of anything and everything — and they use "tolerance" not in its original meaning, but have conflated it with approval, advocacy, and, if necessary, subsidization.

And that's all I'm going to say, not because I can't say more, but because Fred Reed is so much better at saying it than I am. This is from, a site you should visit every day.

Turn Out the Lights and Lock the Door
I Hear the Fat Lady Singing

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