Thursday, June 25, 2015

First PC Peoples

I wasn't really disappointed in PBS's First Peoples [link] last night, because it was what I expected. A little science with a lot of political correct massaging so that we'll come away from it Thinking The Right Things.

First off, in the America episode, we are told that a skeleton from 13.5 thousand years back in Yucatan was sort of here before the Native Americans, who came later. And since the show decided not to refer to race in any way whatsoever, we are wondering just who that was — a Mongoloid or an Australoid. And we're told that Kennewick Man is indeed ancestral to Native—look, I'm going to say "Amerinds," okay? Though he seems to be Australoid. And the fact that Amerinds have an Australoid ancestor or two, does not make Kennewick Man an Amerind. So we're left a little confused, there. One scientist, a Dane, I think, in the film seems to be utterly delighted that he can show Kennewick Man to be ancestral to Amerinds, and he seems so respectful of the Amerind idea that the human body is sacred and must be buried with reverence (when it isn't being eaten, I suppose). One wonders what he thinks of his own European religious traditions and whether he'd let them stand in the way of scientific research.

But the show goes haywire on the second part, about Africa, when we are shown "Modern Man," all of whom seem to be Negroes, encountering Neanderthals, all of whom seem to be White rednecks, referred to as "archaic humans." And we get all excited when we are told that advanced modern Negroes interbred with these White Neanderthals, because hybridization is way cool. Especially Blacks interbreeding with Whites. And we are left with the thought that we need a whole lot more of that — interbreeding, that is.

We have the usual doublethink going on, with one tenure-grasping science-wallah telling us at least twice that human differences ("racial" seems to be a taboo word here) are superficial. And then being told that although these differences are meaningingless, blending them somehow creates something superior. But also that nobody is superior to anybody else.  Except hybrids. And we're all hybrids, except that we're clearly not hybrid enough.

Obviously, folks, some interbreeding can be good, some bad, and some indifferent. But we are told that it is just plain good.

You can learn some stuff from this program, not the least of which is how you hold an atlatl, but don't forget that they're using every technique they can think of to jolly you along the PC egalitarian narrative. If your kids watch it, be ready to explain to them what's being distorted or left out.

And why the devil is the music so loud that you can't hear the narrator?
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  1. Oh that's just priceless. Every time they pull a stunt like this thousands of Whites pull the plug on cable. The blacks only watch BET and the latinos only watch Univision. All those other channels like CNN, MSNBC, FOX and especially PBS are now just dead air.

  2. Robert Lindsay weighs in on anti-worker bias of the politically correct jerks: