Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Don't Give Up The Flag

I just finished a dust-up with an SF writer whose stuff I like, but who has taken the orthodox liberal/progressive wise-ass position on the Confederate flag. It's evil, it stands for evil, yadda yadda yadda. It all started with his lickspittle praise of Bree Newsome, the latest liberal mascot, who showed great courage in ripping the flag down with the approval of everybody. She should get a medal. No. I don't go around defacing Black symbols, or ripping them down. Images of Malcolm X are safe from me and my sort. And I don't want anybody tearing down symbols of me and mine, either. When they disrespect the icons of my cultural history, from that flag to Thomas Jefferson to Ben Franklin and all the way back to Charles Martel, they're disrespecting me.

I pointed out in the exchange that Bree hates Whitey. This was said to be "stupid" on my part because she had some pathologically anti-White Whites helping her out. Therefore, of course, she can't hate Whitey. Liberals always make this extremely illogical point, forgetting (or never knowing) that all groups have their traitors, and there's always somebody ready to open the gates to the enemy. Some moron once asserted to me on the net that Obama can't have any hostility to Whites because his mother was White. He'd evidently never heard of Malcolm X. Or even Spock.

Since the "stupid" gauntlet had been thrown down, I responded in kind, so of course the administrator cautioned me against "gratuitous abuse." When a liberal/progressive calls you stupid or bigoted, it's just good clean fun and ethical debating. But if you respond by questioning their character, intelligence, or just the reliability of their information, you're being abusive and you have to shut up.

Well, the best response to all this is from a better SF writer, L. Neil Smith, who strikes to the heart of the matter. Instead of arguing with idiots who keep telling you the flag is racist or whatever, just use this graphic, ideally linking back to here.
Quibcag: The girls saluting the flag are from Girls und Panzer (ガールズ&パンツァーGāruzu ando Pantsā).

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  1. Mate i think i know the writer you mean and to hell with him.
    ps, nice quibcag.